PaperlinX successfully expands its YoYo recycling service

Paperlinx Yoyo Vehicle

International paper merchant PaperlinX has successfully expanded its recycling service called YoYo. Initially designed to make it easier for offices to recycle waste paper, the programme now extends to recover additional waste materials for Robert Horne Group, The Paper Company and Howard Smith Paper Group commercial print customers, and Robert Horne Group sign and display customers. The service operates both in the UK and via Ospap in Continental Europe.

In the UK, PaperlinX supply chain partners include over 600 local and national expert waste service providers. By operating a highly flexible brokerage model, the company is able to tailor-make individual solutions for each customer to meet their specific service needs. In direct response to customer demand, PaperlinX extended the programme to recover additional segregated materials in paper, plastic and aluminium, to create second life products. The efficient logistics operation both saves raw materials and provides customers with recycled product options.

Customer feedback has been really positive. “We are delighted with the way the programme is delivering real customer value,” says Bob Latham, Head of Sustainability at PaperlinX.

Gary Hassell, Director, Aurora Graphics, Birmingham adds, “The YoYo recycling scheme has significantly improved our recycling rates and has enhanced our company’s sustainable credentials.”

“We are delighted with the services supplied by YoYo,” says Martin Wheatley of Melville Exhibitions in Coventry. “Since we started at our Coventry site we have seen both an increase in recycling and a reduction in costs. We have now awarded YoYo contracts to our five other UK sites and we anticipate useful administration savings as well as management information for waste compliance regulations.”

Commenting on the service, Richard Green, Director, Sign Specialists, Birmingham says, “We are very impressed with the new YoYo recycling scheme, it works extremely well in terms of managing our waste and has improved our recycling rates and manufacturing efficiencies.”

Following the success of the UK service, the first YoYo scheme on the Continent is running at PaperlinX’s Czech Republic subsidiary, Ospap. Over a twelve month pilot, the company has seen a rapid rise in customer demand for its collection and materials sorting service. Last month nearly 200 tonnes of materials were recovered and sorted. In addition, utilising its own logistics for returns has also helped the company enhance the carbon efficiency of its delivery fleet.