20 Jun 2018

Aurora adds to Weaves Of Green product line


Aurora Specialty Textiles Group Inc. has announced the addition of Encore FR to its Weaves of Green line of 100 percent recycled polyester fabrics. Made from post-consumer plastic drink bottles, Encore FR is the most substantive fabric in the Weaves Of Green collection. Encore FR is constructed of spun yarns which give it the drape and hand of a natural fiber fabric but with a rugged texture and the durability of polyester. Encore FR is treated to meet the NFPA 701 small scale flammability standard for indoor use but is also durable enough for short term outdoor use. Encore FR is compatible with sublimation transfer and UV cure printing and is currently available in 100 yard rolls, 58 inches wide. Possible applications include but are not limited to office and home décor, custom upholstery, window graphics, retail POP and indoor/outdoor sign and banner. Printed hand samples and sample rolls are available.

"Giving our customers more options when it comes to environmentally friendly products is what we are all about," said Mike Richardson, director of sales/marketing – Print Media.

INX Digital focus on sustainable solutions at VISCOM


Inx Edx Eco Ink

Green is usually not considered an autumn colour but it is this month.  INX Digital International will have a full array of green, sustainable products, including the European launch of its Triangle brand EDX ECO inks for Roland printers with Epson DX4 print head technology, when Visual Communication Italia 2010 (VISCOM) is held October 21-23 at Fiera Milano Strada del Sempione in Milan.

In addition to the EDX inks, INX Digital (Pad 3, Stand M11/N20) will also feature the new Triangle DTX Textile inks and Triangle Eco Bulk ink delivery system. Both are new dimensions to INX Digital's Green product roster.

"We are extremely proud to have three outstanding sustainable products at VISCOM this year, " said Paolo Capano, Director of INX Digital Italy.  "INX Digital has a multi-year plan in place to develop more sustainable and environmental friendly products, and these three represent those efforts across the board. We believe the timing is perfect for the EDX inks, and the DTX textile inks are solid proof of our commitment to water-based technology.  Not only is Eco Bulk a key element of INX Digital's Green recycling program, but it's also constructed of recycled cardboard packaging."

EDX is a new line of ECO solvent inks.  Their introduction at VISCOM also marks the first time INX Digital's Triangle brand will offer a colour and chemically compatible ECO product for the alternative market.  With dual compatibility, users can perform cartridge-by-cartridge changeover without wasting ink.  New colour profiles are not required in order to obtain the same colour as OEM inks when printing.  Fast drying with low odour, EDX is HAPS- and TAPS-free and provides a significant cost savings option when compared to OEM ECO inks.

The Triangle DTX Textile inks have been a huge success for INX Digital's Aftermarket ink channel since being introduced four months ago at FESPA in Munich, Germany.  Designed for use on direct printing with synthetic fabrics with Epson print heads, they deliver optimal quality and a wide colour gamut while displaying fast drying characteristics on polyesters with minimum 60 percent blends.  DTX also has optimal ink fluidity and excellent image definition and fastness properties.

Eco Bulk is a new type of ink delivery system that is easy to use.  It is comprised of one box of 100 percent recycled material instead of five, 440 ml cartridges.  The ink is housed within a foil bag and once emptied, the bag is disposed of and replaced – a much more sustainable approach compared to plastic.  The foil bag can contain up to two litres of ink, which is double the current industry standard of one litre packaging and results in less waste. However, 440 ml cartridges will remain available for customers using less ink.  An extensive test programme indicated that more volume allows for greater consistency of the product being delivered through the network.


GTMS Unveils New Simple and Sustainable Eco-Hoarding


Gtms Visionply

A leading event production company is transforming the face of hoardings this autumn thanks to the launch of an innovative and eco-friendly product.

GTMS’ new Visionply hoarding is created especially for retail, advertising, leisure, construction, theme parks and signage industries, and offers a wealth of benefits.

Visionply is 100% recyclable, fully weatherproof and can be used in both permanent and temporary installations. And, as a key time and cost-saving advantage, GTMS’ revolutionary new product cuts out two of the processes required with other hoarding products.

Dominik Short, GTMS’ Director said, “Visionply is an exciting addition to our product and services portfolio and we are delighted that this cutting edge hoarding will be of benefit to so many industries.”

The new printable plywood panels are available in various thicknesses and sizes. The Hampshire firm has just completed an installation of 200m2 of Visionply at the first ever Goodwood Vintage Festival that took place in August.

“Visionply is extremely versatile whilst offering real choice and massive cost savings for our clients. It’s not only practical but can be used as an eye-catching feature thanks to the fantastic print quality,” added Dominik.


Sun Chemical Earns Strongest Sustainability Results from NAPIM’s Index Rating for Commercial Sheetfed Inks

Sun Chemical Sustainability

Strengthening its position as a sustainability leader in the inks, pigments and coatings industry for its customers, five of Sun Chemical’s commercial conventional sheetfed inks have earned the highest average index ratings in the National Association of Printing Ink Manufacturers’ (NAPIM) bio-renewable content (BRC) certification program to date.

The five inks, SunLit Diamond, SunPak Diamond, SunLit Intense, SunLit Exact and SunLit Express, each received a BRC index of 80, an objective rating that means Sun Chemical’s inks use an average of 80 percent renewable resources.

The BRC labeling program is an initiative by NAPIM used to evaluate and minimize the environmental impact of printing inks. The BRC index number is a quantifiable value that is calculated to represent the range of bio-renewable content. The program includes a NAPIM registered label that can be applied to the ink container and a comparable design for use by a printer that uses the inks.

“This achievement is testimony to Sun Chemical’s commitment to sustainability and validates our efforts to develop products that have minimal impact on the environment,” said Michelle Hearn, director of marketing, North American Inks, Sun Chemical. “One of our goals has been to increase the use of renewable materials in our commercial sheetfed offerings to the highest possible levels, and we will work hard to continue improving on what we have already accomplished.”

EFI’s VUTEk QS Series r Ink Approved by Nordic Ecolabelling Board

Nordic Ecolabel

EFI, a world leader in customer-focused digital printing innovation, is happy to announce that EFI’s VUTEk QS Series r Ink has been approved by the Nordic Ecolabelling Board, and print companies may now refer to the approved ink when documenting their application for a Nordic Ecolabelling license. In order to achieve Nordic Ecolabelling status, printing companies agree to follow a certain criteria set, which includes the use of approved media and ink including the VUTEk QS Series r Ink.

Established in 1989 by the Nordic Council of Ministers, the Nordic Ecolabel’s goal is a sustainable society through sustainable consumerism. Commonly known as the Swan logo, it is the official ecolabel of the Nordic countries, and it covers 66 product categories, including cleaning products, furniture, toys, hotels, restaurants and printing businesses. Over 200 printing companies throughout Sweden, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and Finland are ecolabel-licensed, meaning they have shown that they and their entire supply chain meet a number of environmental requirements, which make them some of the least polluting businesses in the printing industry.

The voluntary approval process for inks consists of tests for environmentally harmful substances, health hazards, problematic chemicals, volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and heavy metals such as lead and mercury. The VUTEk QS Series r Ink is one of the industry’s first inks to be approved for referencing within a print business’s application for a Nordic Ecolabelling license.

“The QS Series r Ink is a great example of the company’s long-held commitment to the environment,” says Scott Schinlever, vice president/general manager EFI Rastek and EFI Ink Business. “EFI wholeheartedly agrees with the Nordic Ecolabel’s goal of sustainable society through sustainable consumerism, and we’re proud to offer yet another eco-friendly product to our customers.”

Sun Chemical becomes UK sponsor for Colorgreen’s free and easy ink disposal initiative


Colorgreen Recycle Keyboard

Realising the magnitude of increasing environmental pressures, Sun Chemical has now joined IGS UK as an important UK sponsor of Colorgreen’s incentive which encourages users of solvent-based wide-format printers to dispose of their used cartridges. By using the company’s free recycling service, businesses are not only helping to reduce landfill but are also complying with legislation being brought into force by the Health & Safety Executive.

The brainchild of IGS UK, specialist UK ink distributor, Colorgreen is a free recycling scheme which is easy to integrate into existing green schedules and policies. By registering on the Colorgreen web site, participants are sent boxes which, when filled with used cartridges, are collected and replaced by courier.

Simplicity has proved to be the key with Colorgreen, confirming that working within environmental parameters need be neither costly nor complicated to bring into effect. The added attraction to users of wide-format solvent-based ink cartridges is that the responsibility is transferred away from their businesses to a third-party specialist who will take care of removal and disposal.

Returned cartridges are either recycled for further use or, depending on their condition, are broken down and used in new products which utilise recycled materials. The Colorgreen initiative is successful in simplifying the red tape and mystery surrounding the disposal of waste products which contain hazardous elements.

Since introducing the scheme, 61 companies signed up immediately to be regular users of the Colorgreen initiative. Growth is estimated to be double that number each month, and this looks set to increase with Sun Chemical’s sponsorship and as legislation becomes more stringent. Colorgreen also offers links on its web site to the key sources which should be studied by every user of solvent-based wide-format printers in order to understand environmental law as it stands today.

Further information and sign-up information is available by visiting www.colorgreen.co.uk


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