29 Feb 2020

PaperlinX partners with Burgo for manufacture of eco-friendly Revive media

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PaperlinX has announced a new partnership with Burgo, a leading producer of coated papers, to manufacture its market leading recycled paper brand Revive.  From July 2012, Revive will be available from all three of the merchant’s companies - Robert Horne Group, Howard Smith Paper Group and PaperCo.

Revive is a recycled coated paper with a smooth even surface, suitable for digital and conventional litho printing. Developed to give optimum performance, it has the same printability and runability as non-recycled papers and is designed to encourage customers to upgrade to the maximum (100%) recycled content, without a premium price tag.

The FSC certified coated papers come in gloss and silk grades, are available in a wide range of standard sizes and weights, from 90gsm to 350gsm; and in direct response to customer demand, now feature either 50% or 100% FSC certified recycled content.

Revive is produced at Burgo’s Avezzano and Sora Mills in Italy. The Burgo Group is a member of CEPI (Confederation of European Paper Industries) and promotes a responsible approach to resources, sustainable forestry management and the implementation of environmental management systems. The production plants are both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, production lines are powered by autonomously produced electricity and the mills are also FSC and PEFC accredited.

“With Revive now the number one recycled brand specified across all three companies, this partnership with Burgo confirms our continued commitment to meeting customer demand for a simplified recycled paper offering with market leading environmental credentials,” says PaperlinX's marketing director, Philippa Charlton.

With less energy and water consumed and fewer CO2 emissions produced during the manufacturing process - compared to the production of virgin fibre papers - Revive is helping customers to achieve their own and their clients' green procurement strategies.  In addition, Revive will be Carbon Balanced.

“Carbon Balanced is where the CO2 emissions of products have been estimated and an equivalent amount of carbon dioxide is either prevented from being released, or is absorbed from the atmosphere,” explains Philippa.  Balancing is facilitated by the World Land Trust and to date, PaperlinX has balanced 40,700 tonnes of CO2 (the equivalent of taking 9,950 cars off the road for a year) and protected 1,670 acres of endangered rainforest (the area of 835 football pitches) with the ecological charity.

Prismaflex launches new production line for recyclable banners

Prismaflex Vutek Pic

Prismaflex has launched a new production line at its Newhaven factory that enables the production of 100% recyclable banner posters, made from 70% recycled materials.

The new 90gsm high definition banners are made from Prismaflex’s patented Graph’It material which can be disposed of as non-hazardous waste or incinerated to provide energy in line with European directives.

Plastic eyelets are used rather than traditional brass or chrome, allowing the whole installation to be recycled after use. The recyclable banners can be  printed on any of Prismaflex UK's eight large format machines.

The development highlights Prismaflex’s commitment to reducing its own and its clients’ carbon footprints and creating the environmentally-friendly products leading advertisers and media owners now require.

“Despite all the justified excitement over digital, banners remain the mainstay of the out of home market and it’s absolutely vital that we incorporate the latest technology and build on our already high level of commitment to environmental standards in the way we service this market, not just in the UK but also internationally,” says Tom Weaver, managing director of Prismaflex UK.

[photo shows one of Prismaflex's wide format machines]

Sihl Direct UK offers eco-friendly alternative to self-adhesive vinyl films

Sihl Eco Film1

With the environment and a low-carbon footprint high on many business agendas, Sihl Direct UK has announced the availability of an established eco-friendly alternative to self adhesive vinyl films. Called TriSolv, the paper can be used in the same way as self adhesive vinyl films but is much less harmful to dispose of.

Businesses often use free standing or suspended panels for product advertising, generally made of plastic laminate materials in combination with films.  These compositions have to be disposed of after advertising campaigns have finished. This material is potentially harmful to the environment because it does not decompose, and instead has to be burnt at a waste incineration plant, at temperatures greater than 1500°C in order to avoid dioxin formation.

The more environmentally friendly TriSolv PrimeArt Paper SA 275 glossy 3685 and TriSolv PrimeArt Paper blueback SA 210 glossy 3682, are now available for all those who work with solvent ink systems and are ideal for cardboard or pulp board uses. Signs made in this way can be recycled in small quantities along with waste paper and card from packaging. Generally larger quantities can be incinerated because theyhave a good thermal value and are more eco friendly. Also very little additional CO2 is produced during this procedure because both the boards and the TriSolv media consist primarily of renewable materials.

Ian Turnbull, Operations Director at Sihl Direct UK, explains “As a business Sihl is always looking for a greenalternative. TriSolv is a good example of an environmentally friendly product, but one which also works. It gives maximum impact for poster advertising because it is a multi-layer coated, water and outdoor resistant, high white paper, which is specially developed for solvent as well as UV curing inks. The construction enables brilliant posters that can help the user to save up to 30% ink. The range is tried and tested and proven to exceed the demands of the market.”

TriSolv is available immediately from Sihl Direct UK and authorised resellers.

Evolution for Ilford Biomedia - substrates that won’t cost the earth

Ilford Biomedia

  • For drupa 2012 BioMedia is demonstrated by market leaders including EFI, Epson, Ricoh and Roland
  • ILFORD adds biodegradable Glossy and Matt laminates to BioMedia substrate range
  • ILFORD joins Green Printing Park at dip (drupa innovation park), dedicated to innovative products
  • Additions to the ILFORD OMNIJET range announced

ILFORD, a leading developer and manufacturer of professional quality media, takes advantage of drupa 2012 to demonstrate the universal compatibility of its BioMedia sustainable substrate range with printing on the stands of EFI, Epson, Ricoh and Roland. ILFORD also contributes to the choice of sustainable materials available to the commercial marketplace with new introductions to its BioMedia and OMNIJET ranges.

At drupa 2012 ILFORD introduces new BioMedia laminates in gloss and matt finishes, which are fully biodegradable. The 75 micron laminates offer an environmentally responsible solution to improving the longevity and scratch resistance of graphic display products and are suitable for a wide range of indoor and outdoor applications including banner stands and in-store retail display boards.

drupa 2012 also provides ILFORD with the perfect opportunity to demonstrate the universal compatibility of the BioMedia range, with live printing taking place using a wide range of the latest printing equipment at the stands of industry leaders including EFI, Epson, Ricoh and Roland.

EFI (Hall 05/C01) will print on the BioMedia Display Film UV sheets, whilst Epson (Hall 05/A01) will print on the universally compatible BioMedia Display Film using the Epson Stylus Pro 11880 and the Epson SureColor SC-30600. Ricoh (Hall 08A/B46) will demonstrate the latest printing technology with a selection of ILFORD BioMedia and OMNIJET products, including the responsibly sourced ILFORD Photo Realistic range. Roland (Hall 09/E04 & E07) will demonstrate the compatibility of their printing equipment with BioMedia Display Film UV and the universally compatible Display Film. Finally, visitors interested in ILFORD OMNIJET products will be able to see display material from the range on show at Canon Hall 08A/C06.

Paul Willems, CEO at ILFORD Imaging says “ILFORD BioMedia has been developed as an environmentally-responsible alternative to PVC-based display materials traditionally favoured in commercial printing. We are delighted to use drupa 2012 as an opportunity to demonstrate the success of the product range in terms of the demand and ease of adoption we’re experiencing from the industry. Through our widespread presence at the event, ILFORD is saying to the graphic communications industry that when it comes to product viability and application potential, environmentally responsible substrates promise to match their traditional forbearers like for like.”

The focal point of ILFORD activity at drupa 2012 will be at Hall 07/E15 in the Green Printing section of drupa innovation park, an area which is dedicated to innovation within sustainable printing. ILFORD takes this opportunity to present its sustainable substrate solutions offered for environmentally responsible commercial printing. This includes the recyclable paper-based Photo Realistic range, which has been certified as responsibly sourced in compliance with the requirements of the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC® C107238).

New to the OMNIJET range at drupa 2012 is the recyclable Screen Print Separation Film, which, thanks to ILFORD coating technology developed in Switzerland, offers an exceptionally high Dmax of up to 4.5 (UV) and 3.1 (Visual). ILFORD is also pleased to introduce 3-inch core rolls across the OMNIJET range on products OMNIJET Glossy Portable Display Film 400gsm, Self-Adhesive Vinyl 180gsm and Glossy 255gsm, Satin 200gsm/255gsm and Pearl Photo 250gsm RC Paper. The thicker roll cores bring the additional benefits of increased productivity and reduced memory curl.

About BioMedia

The ILFORD BioMedia range includes display films which employ ILFORD renowned coating technologies to create a universally compatible layer, as well paper-based products, boards and laminates. ILFORD BioMedia products are recyclable in the stream for Resin Code 6, applying to products such as cups, utensils and compact disc cases, and is of course compliant with the EU REACH Regulation. BioMedia breaks down under anaerobic (no oxygen) landfill conditions thanks to a unique additive that accelerates the biodegradation process. The products have been tested and found to biodegrade by an independent laboratory according to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) standard D5511, which determines the anaerobic biodegradation of plastic materials. ILFORD BioMedia products also require less energy during printing, as the media is optimised for low-temperature printing processes.

The ILFORD BioMedia range was launched in the USA at SGIA in October 2011 and in Europe at FESPA Digital 2012. Awards and nominations attributed to the BioMedia range include the 2011 SGIA* Product of the Year Award in the Media - Vinyl category and a nomination for the prestigious 2012 Wide Format-Imaging Magazine Readers' Choice Top Products Awards, which recognises products that have caused the most excitement in the wide format printing industry.

The ILFORD BioMedia range includes:

  • BioMedia Display Film: A flexible printing substrate available in standard roll sizes and in 300, 400 and 550 micron. Using a microporous imaging front layer, BioMedia Display Film is compatible with aqueous, eco-solvent, solvent and latex technology. It is suitable for indoor applications as a direct replacement for coated vinyl or polyester media and can be used in a variety of applications from pop-ups and point of sale displays to posters and exhibition panels.
  • BioMedia Display Film UV: Compatible with UV printers, the range is suitable for outdoor display applications including poster displays or banners. The product range is available in a range of weights and roll sizes to meet the different application requirements.
  • BioMedia Rigid Display Board: These direct-to-print boards are suitable for all UV print platforms and, at 750 microns, 1.5mm and 2.7mm thicknesses, offer durable replacements for traditional mounting boards. They are perfect for heavy-duty signage, internal cladding or displays.
  • BioMedia Laminates: For a biodegradable glossy, matt or satin finish, the BioMedia line in 75micron thickness. These have similar properties to traditional polyester laminates yet are fully biodegradable and can be used with a variety of substrates for indoor or limited short term outdoor applications

The ILFORD BioMedia range is available internationally and can be ordered immediately. Commercial printers can contact their distributors for pricing. For more detail on the ILFORD BioMedia range please visit: www.ilford.com


With the OMNIJET range ILFORD has created the leading solution for the commercial marketplace looking for quick and efficient production, minimum waste and maximum impact. The range is suitable for a diverse range of applications and consists of Photo RC Paper, Photo Realistic responsibly sourced products; Portable Display Films; Backlit Display Films; Self-Adhesive Vinyl; Canvas; Graphic Matt Paper products and the new Screen Print Separation Film.

Perfect Colours adds NatureWoven ‘green’ media to product line-up

Perfect Colours Naturewoven

Perfect Colours, a London-based value added reseller of large format digital printing solutions, has announced that it is now able to offer its customers a new range of environmentally-friendly print media.

NatureWoven™ media is biodegradable and compostable and offers an environmentally-friendly alternative to the widely-used oil-based materials such as PVC.  It can be used for numerous applications within the advertising and retail industries including billboard and large-scale graphic displays.

NatureWoven media is made from predominantly sustainable plant fibres such as natural latex and cotton from the rubber tree.  It is 100% biodegradable and fully compostable - thereby reducing landfill waste – and is compatible with all industry-standard printers.

Jason Burroughs, managing director of Perfect Colours, comments, “As well as being a green alternative to PVC-based media, NatureWoven is priced extremely competitively when compared to non-green products.  It specifically addresses the evermore important environmental and corporate social responsibility concerns of brand owners and printers across the globe.”

“Increased government legislation and consumer demand is driving the move towards a more sustainable, biodegradable approach in business and NatureWoven enables companies to align their ‘green’ initiatives with the output they are creating,” he summarises.

For more information on NatureWoven, please visit http://www.perfectcolours.com/inks-and-media/naturewoven-media

Neschen ‘Taking the “PVC” out of Print’ at EcoPrint 2012

Frank Seemann Neschen

Neschen AG demonstrate why taking the PVC out of their products makes a contribution to any company's sustainable performance.

Through its motto: "ideas for success", Neschen is committed to helping its partners to successfully market their products and services.

The graphics product portfolio ranges from finishing, protection and mounting films to print media which can be used with modern digital printing technology for avant-garde architecture, decoration and advertising.

Frank Seemann, Marketing Director, explains, ‘The decision to take part in EcoPrint was a logical one for us as we at Neschen see the trend for sustainable products growing. Some of the many aspects relating to this topic are "green" mounting and laminating print media, efficient processes or material and energy savings. Neschen is therefore active on many fronts at the same time’.

PVC is used considerably by the wide format print sector largely because it offers a relatively cheap and robust media option for those wanting to buy mass volume, cheap product. And in response to this, Neschen is innovating in order to reduce the use of PVC in the print sector. Frank continues, ‘One approach Neschen is focusing on is innovation to create PVC-free media. For example, the Erfurt wallpaper CA by Neschen, is made entirely of fleece. The cellular and textile fibres used are free of PVC and softeners; they do not emit any aromatic compounds and acrylics which can be damaging to health. The New York material database ConneXion even lists the Erfurt wallpaper CA in the category "Naturals"’.

But why is PVC considered to be so bad? The Greenpeace helps by stating the following:

‘From its manufacture to its disposal, PVC emits toxic compounds. During the manufacture of the building block ingredients of PVC (such as vinyl chloride monomer) dioxin and other persistent pollutants are emitted into the air, water and land, which present both acute and chronic health hazards. During use, PVC products can leach toxic additives, for example flooring can release softeners called phthalates. When PVC reaches the end of its useful life, it can be either landfilled, where it leaches toxic additives or incinerated, again emitting dioxin and heavy metals. When PVC burns in accidental fires, hydrogen chloride gas and dioxin are formed.‘

Neschen is also replacing PVC through the focus in use of polypropylene in banner construction.

So why is Polypropylene considered to be better?

Frank says ‘This simply structured synthetic is a compound of the two elements, carbon (C) and hydrogen (H). On combustion of the raw material or the PP film, only water (H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2) are released. There are no other environmental or health-damaging by-products. Modern cleaning and filter plants also reduce the emission of the climate killer CO2 to a minimum which is actually ideal for Germany, where refuse is usually incinerated. This is in marked contrast to many other types of synthetics which have to be disposed of specially and often severely harm the environment.’

EcoPrint continues to develop with valuable additions to an exhibitor base fully focused on sustainable innovation that, in tandem with a strong content programme, will provide the print sector with the most focused forum for sustainable innovation in print, there has ever been.

Register now at EcoPrint 2012 www.ecoprintshow.com