19 Jan 2021

BuyGreenSigns.com supports HP print media recycling programme

Buy Green Signs

The Wide Format Company has unveiled a new website focused exclusively on recyclable and biodegradable sign solutions: www.BuyGreenSigns.com

At www.BuyGreenSigns.com, anyone with basic internet skills can create and customise signs, banners and posters using state-of-the-art web tools. Design simple or complex graphics without installing any software. Easily upload images, add text, insert Facebook photos and pick from a large selection of ClipArt. Create a graphic and then order the sign printed on a variety of Eco-Friendly printing material.

For many years the large format printing industry had very few options for those looking to be “Green”. The few options offered by the local sign shop were very high in price. This is what makes BuyGreenSigns.com so different.  There is a huge selection of printing materials for banners, posters, plastic signs, cardboard signs, backlits and even biodegradable foam boards. Virtually anything you want can now be done in an eco-friendly way. The website will not allow someone to create a sign that is non-Recyclable or non-Biodegradable. Example: Lamination is not allowed on an HP Tyvek Banner because the special biodegradable laminate will disrupt the Tyvek recycling process. However, the BioLam is perfectly compatible with other biodegradable paper poster materials. The site is designed to lead the customer down a "green" path and help them avoid eco-harmful options.

As one of the leading HP Graphics Elite Partners in the Northwest region of the USA, it is only natural that BuyGreenSigns.com (operated by The Wide Format Company) would offer a variety of HP material options. HP has always provided premium printing materials. Now they are going one step further to help the end user keep things “Green”. HP is making huge efforts to help the environment via their “HP Large Format Media Take-Back Program”. Using this program anyone can send their banners and posters back to HP free of charge. HP will then properly recycle them for you. Simply go to the HP website, fill out the online form and print out the UPS label.

“This is an exciting new concept from HP and we plan to support it fully. There are still a lot of places that don’t allow these large printing materials in standard recycling bins. Now a customer can feel good about their purchase knowing that HP will take care of the recycling process when they’re done,” comments Neil Johnston, Special Projects Coordinator at The Wide Format Company.

Domtar launches "Paper Trail' tool to measure environmental impact of different types of paper


A new environmental tool from Domtar Corporation offers customers the ability to view the environmental impacts of specific paper grades, providing unmatched transparency among today's industry calculators.

The online tool - named the "Paper Trail" - discloses what it takes to manufacture Domtar paper and assists businesses and consumers to measure their impact on the environment while also providing guidance in their choice of product.

The Paper Trail (www.domtarpapertrail.com) develops personalised reports that measure Domtar products across five categories: water usage, the distance fibre travels to a paper mill, greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, waste sent to landfills and renewable energy usage. The data is displayed in real-world equivalents, with comparisons to issues such as the amount of water the average household uses or the amount of waste it generates. The Paper Trail will also illustrate how Domtar compares to the rest of the industry in these particular categories.

"We know consumers are increasingly aware of their effect on the environment and want to know where their paper comes from. We think we have a good story to tell, and part of that story is being transparent," said Lewis Fix, Domtar Vice President of Sustainable Business and Brand Management.

"Other paper calculators often give only part of the story," Fix said. "They usually compare recycled and non-recycled grades and the differences in resources used, and they estimate savings based only on industry averages. The Paper Trail will show Domtar mill-specific data, and since no company is environmentally perfect, it indicates what we are doing well and what needs to be improved. We think it's crucial to share all the information, and then let the customers make their own decisions."

The Paper Trail is Domtar's most recent project indicating its leadership as a sustainable paper company and highlighting its environmentally preferable paper products, which have earned the support of well-known environmental organisations such the Rainforest Alliance.

Initially, the Paper Trail will measure the impact of two Domtar products: EarthChoice Office Paper and Cougar, both of which have been certified to the standards of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC), which is recognised by the Rainforest Alliance as the world's most comprehensive certification for responsible forest management. As part of the EarthChoice product line, they help form the broadest and most flexible collection of environmentally responsible papers available in the marketplace. More products and mills will likely be added to this new and exciting online tool in the future.

The Paper Trail will also provide users with a look at Domtar's mills - all of which are in North America - with additional information about each facility's environmental impact and the social and economic benefits the mills have in their communities. In areas where the environmental impact can be improved, Domtar will voluntarily disclose the information, as well as provide efforts for improvement.

"Transparency means sharing everything, not just the highlights, and just as we are committed to developing responsible products, we are committed to transparency," Fix said. "Realising our paper comes from sustainable sources and is easily recycled, Domtar customers can see the differences and use our products with greater confidence."


Océ plants thousands of trees to offset carbon emissions

Oce New Logo

Océ, a Canon Group Company and an international leader in digital document management, today announced that Océ continues to enhance its environmental track record. One of the most recent achievements is the planting of thousands of trees on behalf of its customer, Jeppesen, to help offset carbon emissions.

The Océ Eco Start program is designed as a first step to help companies like Jeppesen achieve a reduction in the amount of carbon attributable to its production printing operations. When a company purchases an Océ production system, Océ will purchase and have trees planted to help offset CO2 emissions attributable to the energy used in operating the production printer. This is based on the expected use of the equipment over the first year of operation of the printeri.

"Jeppesen strongly supports sustainable business practices, and we applaud Océ for helping us achieve carbon-neutral production with our Océ production printer. All our employees are excited about the part we play in planting so many trees to benefit the environment," said Jeppesen President and Chief Executive Officer , Mark Van Tine.

Partnership for Growth Plants Trees Around the World

To plant the trees, Océ partnered with Trees for the Future, a highly rated charitable organization. Trees for the Future has helped thousands of communities across the world improve their livelihoods and environment by planting nearly 50 million trees, removing approximately one million tons of CO2 from the atmosphere each year.

"We are extremely proud to work with Jeppesen and Trees for the Future to make this important initiative happen. Océ has a long, progressive record in sustainable business practices, and the Eco-Start program brings together the commitment of our customers and our company," said Mal Baboyian, President, Océ North America, Production Printing Systems.

Océ Production Printer Inkjet Inks and Toner Test Well Below Government Established Minimum Levels for Lead and Phthalates

"Océ continues to drive sustainable business practices across all parts of our business and our customers' as well. Our accomplishments range from the latest tree plantings for the Eco-Start program, to the testing of our ink-jet and toner in accordance with the changes to the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA)," said Francis McMahon, Océ Vice President, Marketing, Océ North America, Production Printing Systems.

The CPSIA requires domestic manufacturers and importers to certify that children's products made after February 10, 2009 meet certain requirement for lead and phthalate content and sets forth maximum allowable levels of these substances. Océ's inks and toners fall well below the maximum levels as tested over a year ago (well ahead of most other production printing inkjet printer vendors) by Applied Technical Services, Incorporated, a Consumer Product Safety Commission approved testing facility.

Early, Proactive Steps to Ensure Environmental Safety

"Océ took action very early to test the inkjet inks and toner used in our Océ production systems through independent testing. The book printing market is one of our largest segments, and we took proactive steps when this act was announced, because we knew it would be important to our customers. Our book printing customers can feel comfortable knowing that the Océ inks and toners they use in producing books are well within federal requirements for levels of lead and phthalates," said McMahon.

Océ production printing toner and inkjet inks were tested at a CPSC-approved lab for lead and phthalate. In February, 2010, Océ received independent test results which showed that these substances were either not detected at all or fell well below minimum standards for use in children's books. At that time, Océ was the only production printer manufacturer that had conducted this independent test.

Mutoh America launches ink cartridge recycling program

Mutoh New Logo

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Mutoh America Inc. launches the new ink cartridge recycling program. The recycling program is just one more step in the green direction, enhancing Mutoh’s environmentally-friendly operations.
Effective immediately, Mutoh printer owners are encouraged to send their empty ink cartridges to Mutoh America’s corporate office. Once received, Mutoh will then transport the ink cartridges to a local recycling company.
In addition to the recycling program, Mutoh has begun making 1000ml ink bags, which are more eco-friendly than a smaller, plastic cartridge. The bigger bag size is easier to recycle and produces less waste.
“I am pleased to announce our ink cartridge recycling program,” shares Brian Phipps, General Manager of Mutoh America. “Unfortunately, most ink cartridges end up in the trash after they have been used. We, at Mutoh, are making an effort to reduce the amount of waste that these ink cartridges cause by taking a proactive step in the green direction.”
Mutoh recently announced its new MP Ink, which is composed of 60 percent bio-based materials and contains no hazardous air pollutants (HAPs) or heavy metals. The MP Ink produces a wide colour gamut with increased adhesive and abrasion characteristics. Mutoh’s versatile ValueJet 1608HS-Hybrid runs the MP ink to create vivid, high-quality prints on both rigid and flexible substrates.

Océ announces DPDA and INGEDE sign up for inkjet de-inkability

Oce New Logo

Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that executives from the DPDA (Digital Print Deinking Alliance) and INGEDE (Internationale Forschungsgemeinschaft Deinking-Technik) together signed a Letter of Intent for collaboration to investigate the de-inking of inkjet prints. Océ Printing Systems is a member of DPDA.

Inkjet print volumes become more significant

The primary objective of this collaboration is to identify new solutions suitable for combined recovered paper streams with analogue and digital prints. The target is to enable inkjet manufacturers as well as de-inking mills to better anticipate their commercial and environmental requirements as inkjet print volumes become more significant.

"Inkjet is likely to be a relevant process in digital production printing in the future," said Ulrich Hoeke, INGEDE Board Chairman, "and it is essential to maintain recovered graphic paper as a raw material for recycled-content graphic papers by ensuring good de-inkability of inkjet prints."

Technical Committee will direct research projects

This DPDA-INGEDE Letter of Intent for collaboration on inkjet de-inkability provides a structure for regular, detailed exchange of relevant data and jointly-sponsored research projects under the direction of a Technical Committee with representatives from both organisations.

Both DPDA and INGEDE recognise that feasible solutions may involve optimisation of ink, pre- and post-treatment, paper characteristics and the de-inking process. This DPDA-INGEDE Technical Committee has already had its first meeting, and plans to conduct at least one jointly-managed research project this year.

Range of de-inkability performance

The paper industry already experiences considerable problems in recycling prints with water-based flexo inks. In order to avoid similar problems with water-based inkjet inks, paper industry and printer manufacturers will intensify their cooperation.

Speaking on behalf of the DPDA, Crit Driessen, Vice President Marketing and Strategy Production Printing, Océ Printing Systems GmbH, said that "the DPDA recognises that although there have been no single inkjet de-inking issues reported in recycling mills, lab-scale assessments show a range of de-inkability performance, and therefore it is important to identify the attributes and thresholds for successful de-inking so the overall solution can be optimised. This Letter of Intent for collaboration on inkjet print de-inkability is an important step forward for the paper and printing industry to help ensure that the benefits of inkjet printing are realised by all participants in the value chain."

Océ will be demonstrating their products and services on Stand D70 in Hall A1 at FESPA Digital

SEPIAX Ink compatible with United Nations GHS Standard for Environmental Responsibility

Sepiax Ink Website

Graphics One, LLC (GO) has announced that SEPIAX has succeeded in leveraging its position in eco-resin inks and welcomes yet another standard to the market—the newest green ink solution. December 1, 2010 saw the Global Harmonized System of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals (GHS) of the United Nations come into effect. The GHS is a system for standardising the classification and labeling of chemical substances with the end purpose of protecting human life and the environment against toxic materials. The tangible outcome of the GHS is Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS), the proper labeling of harmful substances contained in any chemical product. With a focus on promoting truly green products, SEPIAX is proud to announce its alignment with the GHS as the first ink company to demonstrate adherence to this standard, and all those looking to promote quality products that do not detract from the beauty and health of our world.

SEPIAX ink began its life as one of the most environmentally-friendly inks in the market and continues to surpass environmental expectations. SEPIAX leads the way setting an example against the practice of "greenwashing," or "disinformation disseminated by an organisation so as to present an environmentally responsible public image," all too common in the ink industry. Because of SEPIAX's eco-friendly composition, MSDS sheets are not required for SEPIAX. SEPIAX exceeds all international environmental regulations.

"We are very happy to not only fulfill the requirements set by the GHS, but maintain them through our core belief of providing exceptional green products," said Karl Ebner, Marketing and Sales Director of SEPIAX.

The new and improved SEPIAX aqueous ink solution offers a faster drying time, improved dot gain, stronger primary colors and an overall wider color gamut. The upgrade is compatible with current SEPIAX ink and can be used with already functioning machines. The SEPIAX ink upgrade is available immediately from Graphics One.