Epson Releases Sustainability Report 2010

Epson Sustainability

Seiko Epson Corporation today released its Sustainability Report 2010, detailing the business, environmental and CSR initiatives undertaken by the Epson Group in fiscal 2009 (April 2009 – March 2010) as it works toward becoming a truly sustainable enterprise.

This year’s Sustainability Report contains two feature sections detailing how Epson aims to achieve its SE15 Long-Range Corporate Vision, announced in March 2009. The first feature, “Create, Produce and Deliver”, looks at Epson’s “customer value creation process” from the perspectives of customer satisfaction, quality assurance, and sales & marketing. The second feature reports on the SE15 Mid-Term Environmental Policy, which spells out the milestone environmental goals for 2015 as the Company works toward realization of its Environmental Vision 2050, announced in Brussels in 2008.

For the second year, the Sustainability Report will be released in digital form only on the corporate website. The report may be viewed at and downloaded from the following link