24 Sep 2021

Mutoh receives Viscom Best of 2015 Special Award for its Indoor Air Comfort Certificate

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Mutoh has received a Viscom Best of 2015 Special Award - attributed by the Viscom Germany organisation - for its Indoor Air Comfort Certificate (IAC) for digitally printed self-adhesive film, which Mutoh and Grafityp Self Adhesive Products obtained earlier this year.  The IAC certificate offers full compliance with all EU regulations regarding VOC emissions into indoor air.

The special award was presented to Mutoh Germany at Viscom Düsseldorf 2015.  To receive an award, entries had to prove their marketability while considering commercial, design and ecological aspects at the same time. Furthermore, they need to offer potential users a noticeable added value versus previously existing solutions.

The Viscom Award committee stated: “With this Indoor Air Comfort Certificate, Mutoh acts as pioneer because it is the first company to offer an emission allowance certificate for digitally printed self-adhesive films that complies with the strict EU requirements for indoor climate comfort. Since this measure is driving developments on the market, Mutoh was presented with the Viscom BEST of 2015 Special Award for this entry.”

The Indoor Air Comfort certificate (IAC) obtained by Mutoh & Grafityp is related to  the Grafityp Ecological non-PVC self-adhesive film (GEF-ES) printed with Mutoh’s Universal Mild Solvent (UMS) inks.  This product certificate, issued by Eurofins, an independent test organisation and world market leader for Volatile Organic Chemical (VOC) product emission testing, guarantees full compliance with all regulations on VOC emissions into indoor air that exist in any EU Member state.  Certification involved test chamber testing of printed film, VOC measurement for some 200 VOCs after 3 & 28 days as well as an in-depth third party audit of the production sites.

This first pan-European low emission certificate demonstrates Mutoh’s commitment in offering digital printers and inks that provide environmental protection and sustainability.  Mutoh’s UMS inks have been specifically formulated to offer a unique and innovative blend of high quality durable colour pigments, a new mix of resins and, last but not least, a new combination of milder and non-aggressive solvents.

The IAC certificate will offer Mutoh ValueJet series printer owners as well as print buyers full peace of mind in regards to long-term consumer protection after installation of the final digitally printed products, as well as full compliance with green building programs and ecological regulations for indoor air quality.

For more information on the Indoor Air Comfort (IAC) certificate, visit http://www.mutoh.eu/Company/NewsEvents/PressReleases/tabid/105/post/indoor-air-comfort-IAC/language/en-US/Default.aspx

[Below photo shows Mr. Volker Lienig with the Special Award]

Mutoh IAC Special Award LFR