3rd International Wrap Artists Competition

Contravision Wrap

The winner of the best one-way vision, see-through graphics project will receive a prize of $1000 as well as a handsome trophy and expenses to attend the award ceremony in New Orleans during SGIA 2011. All projects submitted must use a Contra Vision licensed product for one-way vision, see-through window graphics. A Contra Vision licensed product either incorporates the Contra Vision trademark or is a product licensed by one of the Contra Vision Ltd group of companies. Projects infringing any of Contra Vision Ltd’s patents will not be accepted.

Historical Background
The world’s first bus advertising with see-through window advertisements used Contra Vision® XR™ product on the windows of buses in Manchester in 1989. The first “full wrap” bus utilised Contra Vision XR product in New Zealand in 1991, for Pan Pacific Hotel. The popularity of full wrap and partial wrap buses then grew in Australia, UK, South Africa and then the USA and other countries. In 1993, the world’s first digitally printed bus wraps used Contra Vision XR product imaged by the 3M Scotchprint electrostatic transfer printing process, the design being an advertisement for Pepsi Crystal on 6 buses in California. The first full wrap building project was on four sides of the Panasonic building in Paris in 1998, using Contra Vision Performance perforated window film. Five different designs have now been “wrapped” on this building. Many “see-through billboards” and other wraps have been done, including the 2000 winner, an image of Edgar Davids, larger than the Statue of Liberty, in the Netherlands, for the Euro 2000 Soccer championships, using 3M Perforated Window Marking Film.

The Competition
The competition has been widened to include POP, Entrance Doors and Interior Design. Please see the competition rules and entry form, parts 1 and 2. Prizes will be awarded at the 3rd Contra Vision® International Wrap Artists™ Competition Awards ceremony on Wednesday 19 October. The best entries will be featured on the Contra Vision North America, Inc. booth at SGIA 2003 show, New Orleans, 19-21 October 2011. If the same project is entered by more than one party, the Judging Panel will decide the winner on the basis of the best visual representation of the project attached to the entry or, if identical, the winner will be decided at the discretion of the Judging Panel.

Deadline for entries is 16 September 2011. Projects may have been executed at any time up to that date.

Download entry forms here: 3rd International Wrap Artists Competition Entry Forms.pdf