And the winner of the FESPA Fabric T-shirt design competition is...

Fespa T Shirt

...Veronique Verdyck!

Veronique who works for PAS Belgium ( has been announced as the lucky winner of the FESPA Fabric 2012 t-shirt design competition!

Veronique is set to become part of FESPA history as her t-shirt design will be printed and showcased as the official FESPA Fabric 2012 t-shirt.

When asked what inspired her design, Veronique said, “The inspiration was there with the given task to create a t-shirt design with the 3 FESPA elements: van, logo and girl. So, the challenge was to combine the elements and turn it into a fashionable t-shirt print. But, where to put the van?"

She continued, "One important key element for the t-shirt design for me is that it had to be flashy pink! I think that’s how you should see life - through rose tinted heart shaped glasses - with the reflection of a holiday campervan and a marvellous destination ahead. What could be better?”

FESPA Fabric, the ‘show within a show’ at FESPA Digital 2012 (Barcelona, 21-24 February) will occupy nearly 10 per cent of the total floor space of the FESPA Digital 2012 event. The inspirational mix of educational content and review of latest apparel trends and technology developments offers garment printers and decorators new business ideas and revenue opportunities.

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