ASLAN attends EuroShop 2020

Self-adhesive films of the highest quality: ASLAN attends EuroShop 2020.

ASLAN, the global specialist in developing, manufacturing and marketing high-quality self-adhesive films, will be exhibiting at EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf/Germany from 16th to 20th February and will be showing the broad portfolio of self-adhesive solutions for retailers.

Anybody looking for classy metal effect films, handy blackboard and whiteboard films or innovative combinations should visit stand E41 in hall 1.

Metal effect films for plotted or full surface designs

It doesn’t always have to be the expensive original material, if ASLAN’s quality products create a comparable optical effect. Self-adhesive films allow a considerably faster and more flexible design of walls, floors and entire rooms. For this purpose, the German manufacturer will show various metal effect and special effect films, for example the classy matt MetalLux ASLAN SE 50 in champagne or platinum and the printable version MetalLux Print ASLAN SEP 50 for every common large format printer.

The popular MirrorEffect AntiScratch ASLAN SE 75 in silver and gold will be another eye-catcher. Both, Silver and Gold have an extremely high gloss level, are extraordinary scratch-resistant and have a double-sided mirror effect that makes them ideal for applications on glass. Additionally, MirrorEffect SimplyApply ASLAN SE 76 should be mentioned: a mirror effect film in silver that is astonishing easy to apply.

Whiteboard, blackboard and magnetic films for short-term marketing messages

The self-adhesive films of the memoboard range continue their success story. They are the perfect solution to create individual whiteboards or blackboards in different sizes or shapes – plus they are suitable for applications on slightly curved walls and do not show any ghosting or shadowing even with frequent use. Whether magnetically-receptive, with air release channels or as a PVC free version, ASLAN always offers an optimal solution for every application. Attending EuroShop, the developer, which is located close to Cologne/Germany, will show the brand-new magnetic film MagneTack ASLAN MT 400 for the first time. Up to three layers of printable ferrous papers PET FerroPaper ASLAN FP 180 or PP FerroPaper ASLAN FP 260 mount safely to the magnetic surface. These papers are applied easily, exchanged quickly, repositionable any number of times and shipping is convenient.

Combining films for unique creations

Various combinations of ASLAN’s self-adhesive films offer further opportunities of creative solutions. Printed, magnetically-receptive films or a high-quality metal effect film, combined with a matt or glossy whiteboard film, allow the production of unique writable creativity areas. A ready-made 3-in-1-solution is the FerroSoft Whiteboard matt ASLAN FF 490: it is writable, magnetically-receptive due to its high level of iron powder contained and its matt surface is suitable for projections.

At EuroShop 2020 in Düsseldorf/Germany, ASLAN presents these alongside many other self-adhesive speciality films from the wide, high-quality portfolio on stand E 41 in hall 1. Of course, the exhibition is a perfect opportunity to discuss requests of customised projects.