C!Print Madrid to showcase full gamut of graphics art market

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The second C!Print Madrid event, scheduled to take place between 6th and 8th of October 2015 at Casa de Campo – Pabellón de Cristal, will present a global offer, ranging from gift personalisation to wide format printing. This trade show will also accompany the development of the graphic art market: a sector that had approximately 6,607 companies and 40,000 employees in Spain by the end of 2014.

In today’s rapidly changing market, important trends are emerging. Notably, retail has become a major factor in the growth of companies. Even though people born after the 1980s are more likely to shop online, 85% of them consider packaging as an essential part of their buying experience. Indeed, merchandising, packaging, POS or labels transmit information about the brand, the product and its universe and are therefore essential in a purchasing decision. Companies that offer eco-friendly packaging have a sales growth of 2% to 4%. In this manner, printing plays an important role in the customer’s experience: brand image, the customer’s presence at the point of sale, purchasing decision, customer loyalty.

But, over the last few years, the one trend that has greatly impacted the customer has been personalisation, a phenomenon seen even in large-scale marketing campaigns such as Coca-Cola. Thanks to innovative digital techniques – printing or cutting –designers have a variety of new creative possibilities. These techniques respond to the strong personalisation demands in the graphic art market but also to those of new markets such as decoration and interior architecture.

The Spanish graphic art field is changing. Activities are converging and offers are diversifying. New techniques such as 3D printing and emerging markets such as interior decoration are being introduced to this sector.

C!Print Madrid accompanies this phenomenon by breaking down technical and market barriers. Promotional gifts, packaging, textile, decoration, architecture, POS… the whole graphic art sector will be reunited in the same location and brought to life in the Creative PLUG&PLAY Workshop.

For more information, please visit the C!Print Spain website.

Some of the statistical information above was sourced from reports pubished by Deloitte and AGM.