Caldera offers tasting menu of grapes and graphics at Viscom Paris

Caldera Viscom

Caldera has today issued a special invitation to agencies, clients and resellers attending Viscom Paris to a showcase of creative flair, with one half of its stand becoming a dedicated pop-up style wine bar for the duration of the event. Serving a dégustation of stunning graphics technology alongside a complimentary tasting of fine wines from its home region, the innovative software developer will exemplify how printed and dynamic execution can be used together to enhance the spaces in which we live, work and play.

Viscom Paris traditionally attracts advertising and marketing specialists, brand owners, videographers and those manifesting design concepts alongside those briefed to complete them – namely, wide-format print houses and display technologists. The Caldera WineBar concept centers on the company's Variable Display digital signage solution, showing how a screen can be used as a menuboard, decorative addition or information showcase. Its design is contextualized with richly textured printed wall graphics with metallic and wooden effects, demonstrating how an idea or space can be brought to life by deploying content effectively across multiple visual end-points.

While visitors are welcomed to investigate the Caldera WineBar throughout the event, Caldera has invited creatives, resellers and its own clients to a private tasting session, running between 4pm and 6pm on the days of the show. Hosted by Sylvain Neumeyer, Marketing Project Manager and third-generation wine-maker, guests will be guided through a selection of fine wines from Caldera's home region of Alsace, sampling Riesling, Gewurztraminer, Pinot Gris and Muscat in a classy but modern aperitif environment that they will no doubt reimagine for their own projects.

"Three years ago, when Caldera released Variable Display, we knew we were on the leading edge of the market and that adoption would take some time," comments Sébastien Hanssens, Vice-President for Marketing and Communications. "Now, we see that the market is thirsty for a new approach to fitting out modern spaces. The Caldera WineBar is a real, living example of how the technologies we use in wide-format printing can be applied to create high-value projects, while demonstrating that we have the vision to keep driving new approaches to visual communication."

"Printers are already at the heart of this creative process, and are perfectly positioned to help agencies and marketers access the new benefits of dynamic signage," emphasizes Joseph Mergui, Caldera's Chief Executive Officer. "Contrary to assumed opinion, digital signage isn't stealing work from printers. In the Caldera vision, which is rapidly becoming a reality, it's actually a route for them to find increase their print volumes and access new creative areas."

In French, the apéritif is a drink taken before dining, while a dégustation is typically an experience whereby an individual is invited to sample a range of drinks or foodstuffs – and, in this case, leading-edge printed and digital graphics technologies.