Call for entries for European Wrap Star competition

Viscom Wrap Star

Europe’s top car wrappers will get together again at viscom for the fifth European Wrap Star competition.  Participants could take home 'great prizes' worth a total of EUR 120,000.

As part of viscom düsseldorf 2013, scheduled to take place between 7th and 9th November, contenders will do battle with each other in five rounds of competition hoping to reach the grand final.  20 participants have already registered, all aiming to be crowned “European Wrap Star.”  Experienced advertising technicians and car wrappers are eligible to enrol in the contest.

For the contest, the wraps will be applied to the VW up!, Volkswagen Group’s city car. It’s not about speed but primarily about the quality of the work. Only if the quality ends up being identical will speed be taken into consideration.

Prizes valued at a total of EUR 120,000 are up for grabs. Participants will receive prizes worth at least EUR 1,000, and winners can look forward to valuable non-cash prizes.  

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