Cross Media 2012 and XMPie develop cross media campaign to generate registrations

Cross Media Xmpie

The challenge of developing integrated, multi-channel marketing campaigns and engaging customers through multiple touch points is something that is high on most marketers’ agendas. For the marketing team of Cross Media 2012 (3-4 September 2012, Business Design Centre, London), an event focused on the fast-growing cross media marketing sector, creating an impactful cross media campaign was crucial.

Event Director, Nick Craig Waller says, “We wanted to create a campaign for Cross Media 2012 that is at the cutting edge of the cross media marketing environment. Firstly, we believe in the power of cross media to deliver a message in an impactful way and we wanted to use this power to drive visitor registration. Secondly, as a show devoted to the fast-growing cross media marketing sector, it was vital that we walk the talk.”

With these goals in mind, the organisers of Cross Media 2012 engaged one of the show’s exhibitors, XMPie (Stand 110) to assist them in putting together a multiple touch point campaign to target the show’s three target market segments.

Judy Berlin, vice president of Marketing, XMPie, explains, “Cross Media 2012 already had a personalised print piece ready to go, but they were excited about us helping them with the electronic side of the campaign. We worked together with them to develop a campaign that involved a personalised email component, a personalised print component and a customised video, all culminating in the recipient being able to create his or her own personalised event schedule on demand.”

With teams working on the campaign based in the UK, USA and Israel, the cloud-based XMPie Circle™ was an ideal tool for the stakeholders to share concepts, agree on a campaign plan, guide development of the campaign components, preview what each recipient would experience at each stage of the campaign, and review and approve touch points. This collaborative approach resulted in the development of two campaign paths that run simultaneously and culminate in the target being able to create a personalised guide for their visit to the show.

Craig Waller continues, “With three distinct market segments – marketing, printing and publishing – all expected to be interested in Cross Media 2012, it was important that we customise content so that each recipient receives communications relevant to them. XMPie’s unique, integrated technology architecture enabled us to do this.”

Recipients received emails with their names embedded in the header graphic and including content customised according to which market segment they fitted into. This email invited them to follow a link through to a personalised landing page which included a video that was customised to the areas that their segment was most likely to be interested in. On this landing page, visitors were also invited to create a tailored event programme based on the day on which they plan to attend and what areas they are interested in.

Personalised communications isn’t limited to the show organiser’s database. All visitors who follow the link to the Cross Media 2012 website are invited to enter their names and interests to create their own tailored programme, and visitors to the show who haven’t yet had time to create a programme will be able to do so at the XMPie/Xerox stand.

Visitors interested in how Cross Media 2012’s campaign was created, from email personalisation through to video customisation, will be able to find out more on the XMPie/Xerox stand (Stand 110).