20 May 2024

decal presented new innovative solutions at Printing United

decal at Printing United from Eco-friendly Innovation to Long-Lasting Partnerships.

The growing demand for sustainable and eco-friendly solutions in the self-adhesive industry for large-format digital printing has propelled significant innovation. decal stood out at the recent Printing United fair in Atlanta, presenting products that are not only innovative like PVC-Free but also for outlining its vision for an eco-friendly future.

Commitment to Stainability: decal Think Green

At the center of this innovation by decal are its films for digital printing and PVC-Free lamination (PP e PET). These products go beyond in the market in response to demands for eco-friendly solutions, by projecting a commitment to innovation and sustainability. The compatibility of these products with solvent inks and the new Dot Matrix makes it the preferred choice for many distributors of decal worldwide.

Carlos Alves, Export Manager at decal, said: "Feedback from Printing United has reinforced our commitment to being more environmentally friendly with our offer of PVC-Free solutions without compromising efficiency."

decal allDecor 2D: Redefining Interior Decoration

The allDecor 2D range, with PVC-free textures, was a highlight at the fair with eco-friendly, plasticizer-free, and solvent-free adhesives, ideal for interior decoration, which define new aesthetics and sustainable trends for homes, offices, and commercial property.

Printing United: Establishing and Strengthening Relationships

decal presence at Printing United was more than just a fair but also an opportunity to establish and reinforce commercial ties. Retrospectively, Carlos Alves noted the importance of these meetings. "Our presence at Printing United in the USA is fundamental for us to connect with our distributors and meet potential business partners. Being at the fair paves the way for future long-lasting partnerships."

Looking ahead to the future, Carlos emphasized the importance of continuity: "Immediately after the fair, we follow up in anticipation of the future. I firmly believe that, while fairs are an excellent tool for us to network and make new connections, the real work is to consolidate those relationships afterward.”