EFI stages global launch of Vutek TX3250r at Sign & Digital

Efi Paul Cripps

EFI has staged the global launch of its Vutek TX3250r 3.2m wide dye sublimation fabric printer at Sign & Digital.

The printer was developed as a result of the growing demand from users wanting the ability to print onto greener textile materials and according to Paul Cripps, Managing Director and Vice President, EMEA Sales, "This is the first public showing of the TX3250r anywhere worldwide." 

Thanks to dye sublimation technology, the TX3250r dyes fibre directly so the textile retains the original look and feel that users prefer. It offers brighter colours than other textile printing methods and is completely odourless. Selected printed textiles can be folded without leaving folding marks.

EFI's new fast drying ink enables the TX3250r to print at speeds up to 100 sq.m. direct to textile and transfer paper (for dying polyester-coated rigid or flexible substrates). Flags can be printed at this high speed in high definition and with excellent colour saturation on both sides

By partnering with Georg and Otto Friedrich for fabric and Klieverik for calendering, EFI is in the unique position of having a total solution - spanning printing, sublimation, finishing and framing - on display on its stand at Sign & Digital.

The printer will be released commercially in late June this year.