FESPA China to incorporate 'world-class' educational features

Fespa China

FESPA China 2013 will incorporate three world-class educational features: the Future for Print Conference, Charlie’s Corner for garment printing, and the Wrap Workshop vehicle wrapping area.  The event is scheduled to take place between 18th and 20th November 2013 at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition and Convention Center, Shanghai, China.

The Future for Print Conference will cover an array of industry topics, illustrating the opportunities for Chinese printers. The sessions, tailored to the specific market requirements of China, will be presented by industry experts looking at issues such as: reducing water consumption; improving environmental performance; enhancing profitability; glass art decoration and environmental wrapping film solutions. All sessions will be in Chinese with English translations.

The full conference schedule can be viewed at http://www.fespa.com/china/en/conference.html

FESPA CEO Nigel Steffens comments, “One of our key intentions for FESPA China was to enhance the established CSGIA event with FESPA’s educational and inspiring content. Visitors to FESPA events around the globe tell us that our educational features are a key part of the FESPA experience. We’ve taken the most popular features from previous events in Europe, Asia and Latin America, and tailored these – with guidance from our partner CSGIA - to focus on the key trends and opportunities for the Chinese market.

“FESPA’s mission is to reinvest in our global printing community, helping printers to grow their businesses through education and knowledge-share and by adopting best practice. The features we are building into FESPA China are designed to help Chinese printers compete on an international level.”

For more information on FESPA China and to pre-register for the event, please visit www.fespachina.com