FESPA Digital 2011 sees the launch of white ink for the SEPIAX print-to-anything water-based resin ink range

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SEPIAX Ink Technology GmbH is continuing to create the market for its new ink technology with the introduction of a white ink to complement the Aquares range of inks.

The unique properties of the resin-based inks have been demonstrated at previous trade shows around Europe and the USA, with the ability to print to rigid materials being launched at FESPA 2010.

The focus at FESPA Digital 2011 was very much on rigid materials, with flatbed printers from Switzerland and Poland being showcased. The “surface technology” of the Aquares ink lends itself perfectly to printing on a wide range of rigid media, and the white ink is a necessary addition to this market.

Aquares ink is capable of printing to many difficult materials, like glass (including hydrophobic glass) without priming, Materials such as acrylic, polycarbonate, wood, metal, textile (including natural fabrics) present no problems for this ink.

Rigid media is the logical progression for the Aquares inks, with many consumers being concerned about the rumours regarding the safety of UV-curable inks.

"We see opportunities in a very wide cross-section of applications within the market, and the introduction of our white ink has enabled growth in the direct-to-rigid sector. We currently have several partners developing flatbed printers, using our inks, and we see this as a key strength of our product. As well as the obvious signage market, we are seeing growth for digital print in industrial printing.  Complex manufacturing processes which use various screen-printing techniques can be simplified by direct digital printing using our Aquares ink.  We now have customers printing on sports goods (skis, for example), wood flooring, customized coffee mugs, tablecloths etc.  In fact, the potential applications are limitless.” says Karl Ebner, marketing & sales director, Sepiax.