FESPA Digital 2011: The race is on to Hamburg

Fespa Wrap Rally

With just days to go until the gates open on the largest ever FESPA Digital, FESPA’s ‘Digital Man’ has raced off to the show in his brand new Smart Car. On route to Messe Hamburg, Digital Man will visit a series of evolutionary printers who will take it in turns to wrap sections of his vehicle. The ‘Wrap Rally’ – sponsored by HP - will end on the 24th May when Digital Man drives his freshly decorated car up to the doors of FESPA Digital 2011*.

As part of the Wrap Rally, Digital Man has been tasked with finding the best examples of innovative digital print technologies and applications across five countries - the UK, France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Germany. Three stops have been planned, where printers Pyramid Visuals (UK), Rigidisc (the Netherlands) and GSI Printing (Belgium) will cover panels of the car, creating a final design that mirrors the one being applied in the Hamburg leg of Wrap Cup Masters Series. In addition, ID Numerique (France) will also provide printed media*.

Printers interested in meeting up with Digital Man along the way to discuss FESPA and the evolutionary world of digital print can view his route online at http://bit.ly/lOzMaL. Digital Man will keep the digital community updated on his journey through FESPA’s social media platforms, including his Facebook (Digi DigitalMan and FESPA) and Twitter (@FESPADigitalMan and @FESPA) pages, with pictures of the most interesting and unique examples of print discovered along the way.

When Digital Man reaches FESPA Digital 2011, he will be tasked with choosing the winner of the Digital Man Competition. The online contest, launched in February 2011, calls for the digital print community to photograph themselves wearing a Digital Man mask in an amazing location, next to a brilliant example of digital wide format print, or doing something exciting in order to win an iPad 2. There will also be a People’s Choice winner, voted for through Facebook, who will win a HD digital camera. For printers yet to enter, the Wrap Rally offers an opportunity to meet the real Digital Man and submit a photograph of him on route to the show.

If members of the digital print community know of innovative and exciting examples of digital print that Digital Man should visit during his journey, they can send him details through his Facebook page.

Following the Wrap Rally, a video of each stage and highlights of Digital Man’s journey will be available to view online at www.FESPA.com and through FESPA’s social media channels.

*If you haven’t registered for the FESPA Digital and FESPA Fabric shows yet, make sure you do before 10pm on the 23rd May to save €25 entry fee.

* To read more about the printers involved in the Wrap Rally you can visit the company websites listed below:

  • Rigidisc -http://www.rigidisc.com
  • ID Numerique -http://www.idnumerique.fr
  • Pyramid Visuals -http://www.pyramidvisuals.co.uk
  • GSI Printing -http://www.gsiprinting.be/en/page_overview/aboutus/11559