FESPA invites visitors to Dive Deeper Into Digital

Fespa Digital 2014

FESPA is 'making a splash' with the launch of an international marketing campaign for FESPA Digital 2014, under the strapline – Dive Deeper Into Digital.  The sixth edition of the FESPA Digital event will take place at Messe Munich, Germany, between 20th and 23rd May 2014.

The new, multi-channel campaign features a scuba diver diving into a deep ocean, teeming with bright marine life. It is designed to evoke the colourful ocean of opportunity that is open to printers and their customers, helping them explore and enhance their businesses by diving deeper into new possibilities in digital print.

At the heart of the campaign is a comprehensive event website at www.fespadigital.com, which goes live today. Here visitors and exhibitors will find all the information they need about the event, including facts and figures, practical visitor information, visitor registration, exhibitor lists, floorplan and an overview of visitor features.

The content of the site will be refreshed regularly over the eight months until the event, making it a regular online destination for everyone with an interest in digital wide format printing. The site will also include information about FESPA Fabric and European Sign Expo (once launched), which will be part of the wider FESPA Digital event, addressing the broader interests of garment printers and sign makers respectively.

The @FESPA Twitter feed is prominent on the home page, immediately putting visitors to the site at the heart of FESPA’s vibrant global social media community. Further buttons link visitors to FESPA’s Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube presences.

FESPA Managing Director Neil Felton sets out the thinking behind the FESPA Digital 2014 ‘Dive Deeper’ campaign: “Digital printers are creative explorers who constantly push the boundaries of print. FESPA Digital events inspire visitors to discover innovations in technology and consumables, and network with experts and peers to make sense of what they find. Since we launched the Digital event back in 2006, our campaigns for FESPA Digital have captured the spirit of adventure and innovation.”

Felton continues: “‘Dive Deeper into Digital’ is an apt message for printers as we head towards 2014. We’re encouraging visitors to FESPA Digital 2014 to go below the surface, and delve further still into the myriad opportunities that exist to take their businesses forward. In a market where technology is becoming more mature, many of the visitors to our Digital events have already reaped the early benefits from the transition from analogue to digital. Now they are making second - or third - generation digital investments or upgrades, increasing digital capacity, and adding workflow software or finishing equipment to enhance the capabilities, productivity and functionality of their digital output equipment. FESPA Digital 2014 will reflect this evolution, offering a high-calibre educational programme that probes beyond the initial benefits of the digital ‘revolution’, helping visitors discover more about how digital technology can help them add new capabilities and services.”

To pre-register to attend FESPA Digital 2014, please visit: www.fespadigital.com