Final count down to Dscoop Vienna 2018

Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager of HP Indigo, will join the Dscoop Vienna 2018 to provide the latest updates on HP Indigo technology.

Dscoop, the largest print and design community in the industry, counts down to the opening of its EMEA conference, Unleashing Print Vienna 2018 (13-15 June).

Designed to deliver unique and business-building knowledge sharing, as well as access to market leading HP suppliers and partners, delegates to this year’s conference will be exposed to five game changing business tactics, enabling delegates to sharpen their business and service offerings to better meet changing consumer appetites.

Further endorsing the value of Dscoop attendance, at registration, event delegates will be given the opportunity to choose between two free gifts. Delegates can opt for a free version of PrintOS Site Flow – PrintOS Site Flow Ramp-up and Grow; or a 50% discount for new users or 50% discount for upgrade versions, of SmartStream Designer. These valuable benefits will make sure Unleashing Print Vienna 2018 gives back from day one.

Once in Vienna, delegates will explore with industry experts and some of the world’s most pioneering technology suppliers, how print continues to complement the modern marketing mix by innovating and evolving to provide value adding, sales driving benefits.

The five key business tactics forming the basis of the conference, will include:

1. Change Management – including Business Management in Disruptive Times and Human Resources as a Business Factor
2. Brand Engagement – including Expectations of Brand Owners and Digital Print in the Media-Mix
3. Workflow & Automation – including Best Practice & Case Studies and Optimization Process with Automation
4. Next Level Marketing – Marketing as an Asset Instead of an Expense and Guidelines for your Social Media
5. Future Trends – Digitalization & Industry 4.0 and Value Added Services for Print Products

Eran Friedman, VP Marketing at Ilan Print Ltd. and a member of the Dscoop EMEA Volunteer Board of Directors, comments, “This year we’re proud to host Dscoop EMEA 2018 in Vienna. With previous residents including Mozart, Beethoven and Sigmund Freud, we believe that the city is a fitting location for this year’s conference – it’s representative of the cutting-edge, artistic and intellectual legacy that has for almost 600 years symbolized the Graphic Arts industry and continues to drive our industry.”

Fellow board member Vincenzo Cirimele, CEO and Founder at, adds, “Print is currently enjoying a resurgence in a number of applications where digital content is unable to emulate the same warmth, vibrancy and brand quality of a printed product. So, the premise of this year’s conference celebrates this. The ‘Unleashing Print’ conference focus provides the platform to showcase print excellence, true innovation and business best practice processes to drive print profitability.”

Dscoop Vienna 2018 will include inspirational presentations from people such as business leader Kevin Gaskell, the youngest MD ever to lead Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW; Felix Plotz, Graduate business engineer (TU), Entrepreneur and best-selling author; Verne Harnish, owner of Gazelles Inc, bestseller author of ‘Mastering the Rockefeller Habits’; and Alon Bar-Shany, General Manager of HP Indigo.