Fujifilm planning 'eye-catching and vibrant' FESPA 2013 stand

Fujifilm Fespa2013 Fujistand

Fujifilm says that its 'eye-catching and vibrant stand' (F10S) will 'attract visitors the moment they arrive at FESPA 2013'. Highlighting the importance of print applications, the stand will create the impression of a high quality retail space, showcasing exceptional print in the type of environment it is designed for.

As a key supplier to the wide format industry, with a long heritage and unparalleled expertise in ink manufacture for large format print, Fujifilm will use the show to demonstrate a wide variety of solutions for print service providers of all sizes highlighting the versatility of its products and technologies and how each one has developed year on year in terms of productivity and quality. Fujifilm will also demonstrate how the company’s advanced suite of XMF workflow products has played a crucial part in this evolution, keeping print production processes as efficient and cost-effective as possible.

Ultra high quality print production will be visible in every area of the stand, as different applications and machine capabilities are highlighted in respective zones. These zones will range from those featuring the high-end, flatbed devices of the Inca Onset series of printers, through the first showing of Fujifilm’s five metre version of the Uvistar Pro8 roll fed device, to a range of the company’s well known models in the Acuity family, all with relevant application examples. A number of brand new products will also be revealed at the show, which are set to provide some exciting new developments for users.

In addition, a euromedia zone will highlight the variety of media that each of the Fujifilm printers uses and demonstrate just how versatile the work of a print service provider can be, through the choice of media used on a specific printer.

“We want to show visitors just how significantly things have moved on in terms of the productivity that can be reached at even higher quality levels,” comments Keith Harley, marketing director at Fujifilm. “The variety of products we have on the stand, all controlled via our extensive range of XMF print workflow technologies, allows us to demonstrate how easy it is for a PSP to improve the efficiency of his print production process while highlighting the versatility of the platforms and the wide range of final applications that can be achieved.”

Managing colour across wide format devices is also increasingly important, and to show how easy this can be, Fujifilm will be demonstrating its recently launched colour management solution, XMF ColorPath, in action through all areas of the stand. Both workflow and colour management systems have become well established in many commercial print premises in recent years.

XMF ColorPath allows full colour control of wide format devices to ensure consistent colour output, independent of the print device, and being a hosted system means printers can save money (by eliminating the need for installing software on many machines), as it can be controlled from any web browser, with the reassurance that every device connected to the system is using the exact same system and tools for managing colour.

“We are excited to be able to welcome visitors to a very different-looking Fujifilm stand at FESPA in London,” continues Keith. “We are confident they will walk away understanding the endless array of high quality applications that are possible today, all efficiently produced and colour-matched using the technology and expertise we can offer them.”