FuturePrint launch Tech Fest celebrating print technology

FuturePrint launches Tech Fest, a celebration of print technology.

FM Future, organisers of FuturePrint Virtual Events and owners of the FuturePrint platform has announced the launch of the FuturePrint Tech Fest, a forward-looking event focused on the technical development of print technology, taking place 29th-30th June.

In an exciting move, the event will feature a combination of sessions delivered on-site at a central London studio as well as sessions produced remotely by partners and speakers worldwide.

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Attendees can expect to see experts provide updates on new technological developments, innovations, and stories of how the print technology community is bringing to life fresh ideas that create new possibilities. Speakers will include leading technical experts; CEOs, CTOs, R&D directors, R&D professionals, production directors, production managers, and any innovator who has something exciting and innovative to share with FuturePrint’s global audience.

The content will feature the latest developments in digitisation, digital print and inkjet including ink chemistry, drive electronics, software, machinery, materials, inkjet head technology, curing technology, automation, engineering advances plus real-life case studies of success with advanced printing technology in a variety of different applications and markets across the world.

The new event follows on from the success of the four major virtual events which took place throughout the lockdown period culminating in March 2021 with the FuturePrint Leaders Summit. In total the events succeeded in amassing over 8,800 delegates from 85 countries while featuring the leading brands from the world of print technology.

Frazer Chesterman, FuturePrint co-founder, comments: “The technical community is a crucial pillar of printing and manufacturing and a vital aspect of development, and we believe hearing from them is hugely important. Despite the challenges of the past year, it has been a surprisingly busy time for the development of solutions that align with the changing demands of the ‘post-COVID age’, and we’re delighted to be providing the platform for our partners and colleagues to share that information at the FuturePrint Tech Fest.”

FuturePrint has recently posted Q1 results revealing a year of staggering growth in the size of the community and it has rapidly become the go-to place for the latest insight and news on technology for print production.

All economic indicators point towards a coming boom from July onwards, and according to leading economist Roger Martin-Fagg who recently spoke at the FuturePrint Leaders Summit in order to optimise our businesses for this upswing in economic activity, equipping our businesses with innovative tech is vital.

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