Global Business Forum at FESPA Americas tackles business growth agenda

Fespa Americas

At FESPA Americas (Orlando, Florida, 24-26 February 2011), FESPA will host a two-day Global Business Forum (February 24-25 2011), bringing together printers from North America, Latin America and Europe.

The FESPA Global Business Forum is a strategic level event that sets out to develop the key themes explored at FESPA’s last Global Summit in Miami, Florida, in March 2010, with a focus on how to improve business during 2011 and beyond. Through conference sessions and live debates, participants will dig deeper into topics such as leadership, sustainability, developing niches, mergers and acquisitions, e-commerce, digital marketing and social media, operational best practice and optimising customer engagement.

The content will be pitched at senior wide-format print business leaders, principally from the US and Canada but also from Latin America and other regions around the world. It will include new market-specific research produced by FESPA in conjunction with information partner InfoTrends, pointing to global and regional sector trends.

FESPA managing director Frazer Chesterman comments: “Leading printers in our global wide-format community know that they have to develop innovative business models and practices to thrive going forward. Feedback from US printers regarding previous FESPA events has been that our unique style of content has been extremely valuable to them. On that premise, the FESPA Global Business Forum will bring together global experts in Orlando to deliver business-critical information and facilitate an open exchange of views, experiences and opinions on the topics concerning most wide format printers today.”

The event will be hosted by JR Kraft of, who comments: “I’m excited about the prospect of hosting this Forum. The level of content at the FESPA Global Summit in Miami was both inspiring and original. We aim to evolve this content for 2011 by applying some of the themes from that Summit and adding new tracks that provide delegates with practical advice that will give them new ideas and point to new opportunities.”

The program includes: B2B Media’s Chuck Driskell; BV02 President Andrew Milne; Andreas Skantze of Swedish print innovator Big Image; Paul Lilienthal, owner at Pictura Graphics; and InfoTrends President Jeff Hayes.

As with the FESPA Global Summit Blueprint - which was the product of contributions from the March 2010 Global Summit in Miami - the objective with the FESPA Global Business Forum will be to create a high-quality ‘white paper’ style document that outlines new trends and opportunities and highlights best practice, taking content and input from delegates at the Forum.

Entrepreneurial wide format printers in North America who would like to be among the participants at the Global Business Forum should send their contact details and a brief summary of their business to FESPA’s Marcus Timson at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . FESPA will be hosting guests to the event with a special package for up to 100 selected US print CEOs.

Places at the FESPA Global Business Forum are limited, so printers should register their interest as soon as possible.