05 Dec 2021

Guandong to lead with sustainability at FESPA 2021

Guandong will present its innovations from a ‘S.O.S.TAINABILITY’ point of view.

Amsterdam, October 12-15, 2021- Guandong Italia will present itself at FESPA 2021 with a high-impact stand, inspired entirely by the sea.

The theme is dear to the Specialties Specialist, who for some years have supported the 4ocean foundation in their commitment to the clean-up of oceans. The expo will be an opportunity to introduce to international markets all the innovations which the company has developed this year, during the postponement of such events. Guandong Italia’s R&D has not stopped during this period, continuing to work to optimise its product range and give life to new applications.

"If it is true that in the world of visual communication, we can no longer expect great revolutions, today, more than ever, what makes the difference are the trends of the moment, supported by producers who work for a sustainable and ethical change like Guandong"; comments Daniele Faoro, Team Principal of Guandong Italia. Hence, the idea of being present at FESPA, with an exhibition area which will allow people to experience first-hand the company's commitment to quality and sustainability. Each part of the stand will therefore be decorated with a variety of graphics, all united by our "S.O.S.TAINABILITY" motto, using recycled, recyclable and reusable materials. To enhance the graphics on the stand, the iconic Guandong ‘bean’ will be reproduced in hologram style and in different shades of colour.

‘S.O.S.TAINABILITY’, which derives from a fusion of ‘sustainability’ and Guandong Italia logo, will be the headline of the stand, printed on a huge backlit banner, using special Texon backlit fabric, giving maximum impact. An entire wall will be dedicated to the new and exciting trend of Wall Dressing, with interchangeable graphics made from our TAP, which is an adhesive polyester fabric, magnetic and ferrous materials from our M&F visual communications line and also ReVita Tack, the recyclable polyester obtained from the reuse of PET bottles, present in the Classic and Puro versions with nanodot adhesive technology. The reception area will host a dynamic light box with expressive displays of light, made with Lumi backlit fabric and decorated with the inscription ‘GreenLife’; the brand that, since 2010, has identified Guandong' Italia’s commitment to sustainability. The large full-wall crossword, printed on rewritable magnetic material, will also be dedicated to this theme, where visitors can try their hand at searching for 'green’ words. At the centre of the stand, a large whale, created from recycled plastic bottles, will swim in a ‘real sea’, reproduced with water-effect prints on High Clarity, the special optically transparent adhesive vinyl, by Guandong Italia. By its side, fish and other sea creatures, made with double-sided print on Wally and Nano-Tack with nanodots, swim in harmony.

"We constantly develop new printing supports that are increasingly recyclable and ecological, preferring materials such as PET and PP to recycled raw materials, all compliant with the Global Recycled Standard, RoHS, EN71-3 and REACH information."; adds Fabio Elmi, Guandong Italia Research & Development Director. It’s a commitment that concerns production and life cycle of our products and also involves the whole company with responsible behaviours, aimed at reducing the environmental impact of each process. All the eco-friendly activities implemented inside and outside the company have recently been summarised in ‘Green REvolution’; a real guide to corporate sustainability policies. This includes initiatives carried forth by Guandong Italia in supporting the 17 goals set out in the UN promoted 2030 agenda for sustainable development. “Ten of these goals are already a reality for us and our plans for the next few years will lead us to pursue as many of them as possible”; says Giulia Landoni, Marketing and Communications Manager at Guandong Italia.

Among the innovations being previewed at FESPA include the new release of Red Book; a unique marketing tool in the sector, which brings together the traditional product sheets with our new sample kits. This presents as a strong sales tool to distribution partners and aiding those in search of innovative ideas and solutions, allowing media users and product specifiers to touch and feel application possibilities.

"We live in an era in which everything changes very rapidly. Guandong Italia has always looked far ahead, but to meet new challenges it is necessary to collaborate and create synergies with other realities - even small ones, but of excellence”; comments Edoardo Elmi, President of Guandong Italia. Guandong Italia’s strategy implementation will see the announcement of important new agreements which will be made official at FESPA 2021.