HP extending European Latex Application Tour

Hp Latex Truck

HP is extending its European Latex Application Tour.  The show truck is currently sited at FESPA Digital, Barcelona, where HP has just announced a new schedule that will take it to Austria, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Romania and Poland during February and March.

Demonstrating the opportunities available to Print Service Providers (PSPs) using HP Latex printing technologies, the 16.5m-long customised truck and trailer is, for 2012, equipped with a few new introductions, including the recently-announced HP Designjet L28500 Printer. Also newly updated is interior decoration featuring a cafeteria style creative applications centre using indoor decorative textiles, wallpapers and double-sided banners.

Having already pulled in the crowds across 13 countries and almost 60 cities since it took to the road at FESPA Digital in May 2011, the HP Latex Application Tour is embarking on a new set of tour dates that will take in countries yet to benefit from the popular roadshow.

Each event is designed to inspire and show how incorporating HP Latex printers, inks and compatible HP substrates into their operations can help deliver business enhancing opportunities to PSPs. The events will feature informative presentations, customer testimonials, hands-on workshops and live product demonstrations on the 2.64m (104in)-wide HP Designjet L28500 Printer.

The tour has welcomed more than 2500 visitors, will continue to focus on how users can expand their applications offering and undertake innovative graphic arts projects that can maximise the multi-substrate printing capability of HP Latex printers. Using the new cafeteria style interior, sessions will showcase the new market opportunities enabled by the versatility of latex ink including non-traditional signage applications.

The road show also explains the environmental benefits offered by HP Latex Printing solutions and how these technologies can help PSPs to limit the impact of their operations on the environment, while also fulfilling certain stipulations required of their own customers. Previously impossible applications, such as printing for enclosed spaces, such as lifts, or places where strict regulations are in place, like in hospitals and restaurants are also possible using HP Latex Ink printers.

Additionally, the truck features a new flatbed area showcasing some of the many applications achievable using devices like the HP Scitex FB500 Printer, which handles rigid substrates such as wood, glass and ceramics.

"We are thrilled to be extending what has been an incredibly effective way of demonstrating the vast business-enhancing benefits achievable for PSPs by utilising HP Latex Technologies", said Ruth Quindos, EMEA sign and display production marketing manager.

"As has been the model for the roadshow so far, our Latex Application Tour will provide visitors with an up-close look at how latex printing can help achieve high profit margins through streamlining workflows, reducing turnaround times and adding value to applications," she added.

In addition to causing a stir during this year's FESPA Digital (located at hall 3 - B60 ), the HP Latex Application Tour can be seen at the following places:

  • Austria: February 27th - 29th
  • Switzerland: March 1st
  • Slovenia: March 5th - 6th
  • Hungary: March 7th - 8th and March 16th
  • Romania: March 9th - 15th
  • Poland: March 19th - 23rd

For exact venues, updates on the full tour schedule and to register for a session please visit www.latextour.com.

More information is available at www.youtube.com/hpgraphicarts or follow HP on www.twitter.com/hpgraphicarts.