Hybrid Services, Solent Sewing and others support Wide Format Ireland event

Wide Format Ireland

Wide Format Ireland is to open its doors to the sign and graphics companies in October.  The event will offer an exciting opportunity for Irish printers, tarpaulin and blind manufacturers to see and test the latest products and new technologies now available to automate and streamline their printing, finishing, fabrication and a wide range of other products.

Wide Format Ireland will be held at the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, Dublin on the 24th and 25th October 2012 and will introduce the best in a range of technologies and products from market leaders in Ireland and the UK.

The event will involve a number of businesses including:

  • Solent Sewing and Welding
  • I-Sub
  • Hybrid Services Ltd
  • Soyang
  • DBC Group

For more information, please contact Solent Sewing via www.solentsew.co.uk or Hybrid Services via www.hybridservices.ie