ILFORD BioMedia signs up for EcoPrint 2012

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ILFORD BioMedia is the latest company to pledge its support for the EcoPrint Show.  As well as exhibiting at the inaugural exhibition in Berlin, ILFORD BioMedia will join its fellow founding partners on the EcoPrint Development Group, where it will play a major role in defining and refining the event.

Paul Willems, CEO, ILFORD Imaging will represent ILFORD BioMedia on the development group and has also agreed to become an EcoPrint Ambassador.  He comments, “ILFORD Imaging is delighted to stand alongside the industry leaders taking part in EcoPrint, which is groundbreaking in its intention to explore sustainable printing solutions in the market today. We look forward to contributing to the success of the event through our experience of developing the ILFORD BioMedia range, a recyclable and biodegradable alternative to traditional vinyl-based substrates.” 

Marcus Timson, Director, EcoPrint, adds, “There has been overwhelming support for EcoPrint since last year’s launch, which is proof of the printing industry’s desire to tackle the biggest single issue it  currently faces: sustainability – both ecologically and economically. For its part, EcoPrint is proud to be the forum for that to take place and, because sustainability is not confined to any one part of the print industry, we are excited to be adding ILFORD BioMedia to the growing list of exhibitors.”

EcoPrint 2012, 26th - 27th September, will feature seminars, debates, discussions and advice for print businesses, creative agencies, marketeers and print buyers who are keen to successfully adopt an environmentally friendly printing strategy. It will be the first exhibition devoted to driving forward the print industry’s definition of sustainable products and services for print production. EcoPrint 2012 will focus on applications and the business of sustainability, in a unique format unlike the traditional print trade show model.

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