IMI and InPrint confirm partnership to boost adoption of inkjet technology

Inprint New Logo Pic

IMI, the international inkjet conference and education provider and FM Brooks, organisers of InPrint, have confirmed an event partnership that will see both events benefiting from additional content, insight and value.

Since 1991, IMI has run highly successful events focused upon inkjet innovation in Europe and the USA.  "IMI has been a leading community for the development of inkjet since the beginning of the technology, so it is natural development for us to form a partnership with the InPrint Show to create value for both of our communities. The industrial sector represents the next evolution for inkjet and I look forward to this partnership further enhancing the adoption of inkjet technology within industrial processes at InPrint 2014," comments Mike Willis, director at IMI.

The event partnership includes joint activities at InPrint and IMI Conferences throughout 2013 and in the run up to InPrint 2014.  InPrint will be running their ‘LIME’ seminar at the IMI Europe Ink Jet Technology Showcase 2013 in Barcelona, Spain June 5-6.

Frazer Chesterman explains, "We are delighted by this event partnership as we regard the IMI events as first rate. Through knowledge sharing and co-creation of content such as IMI's Tech Talks at InPrint, we are confident our partnership will have tremendous value for both IMI and InPrint stakeholders. The fact we have in place such a credible partnership is a clear signal that InPrint is already developing into a must attend event for the industrial print sector."

InPrint 2014 continues to build on strong progress with exhibitor sales with the founder partners and exhibitors to be announced in April 2013.