05 Dec 2021

Industry support builds for Pure Digital Show in Amsterdam

Pure Digital

The Digital Print Event for the Creative Industry 

The Pure Digital Show which will take place in Amsterdam has attracted the strong support of some of the leading names in print technology including HP, Canon, Felix Schoeller, Mimaki, Tonejet, and Sihl along with the support of leading associations such as SI’BON, IGI, and DGI.

Pure Digital will take digital printing onto the next level

Frazer Chesterman, Co-Founder says, “Pure Digital Show is a new digital print event that is designed for the creative industry and this is why we are gaining some impressive support. It is unique and indicative of a changing market where new events are needed to perform a new role. As with the InPrint Show, Pure Digital will bring new people and businesses together, creating fresh opportunity and markets for an industry under pressure to compete at the highest level.”

“We are delighted that many of the leading names in the market are already supporting this event. They are participating because they recognise that to grow the demand for digital print we must inspire the creative industry. Digital printing still stands for less than 3% of all print and this is because the creative industry is not exploiting the huge potential of digital printing. Pure Digital will provide a forum and focus to improve on this.”

Since the launch, the response has been strong as leaders signal their support by confirming exhibition space at the RAI 17-19 April 2018 in Amsterdam including some of the leading names in the world of digital printing including:

Terry Raghunath is responsible for Business Development for Printed Decorative Applications at HP, he explains, “The growing demand for digital decor has been an inspiring trend which HP is proud to be associated with. Linking to the continued rise of self-expression, short run and customised production, HP latex technology that enables digitally printed wallpaper are liberating designers, empowering creatives and delighting customers at the same time. We believe Pure Digital is a great new event that has the vision and a clear purpose to inspire the creative industry and HP is delighted to be a lead player in this event.”

Mathew Faulkner is Applications Development Senior Manager for Graphics and Communications at Canon Europe, he explains, “Canon is always looking for new ways to engage with the creative and design communities, to inspire them with the capabilities of print, and to link them to the latest innovative applications and technologies that can support their businesses, as well as their customers. We are looking forward to being involved in The Pure Digital Show; as a new event concept, it seeks to bring together technology providers with both printers and designers, whether they’re working in brands or creative agencies, and from across the spectrum of industry sectors.”

David Radtke is Head of Group Marketing at Sihl Gmbh, “It is clear that the market for wide format graphics is changing and becoming more commoditised in most countries. This, we think is a result of a maturing market and a decreasing amount of innovation. Therefore, new market opportunities must be explored. Sihl is participating in the Pure Digital Show for this reason, as we recognise the need to lead the way with creativity by showing the possibilities for digital printing within growing markets such as décor. We believe that if more key people within the creative industry were aware of the possibilities then demand for creative digital print would grow and this would add value and profit back into the print market as a result.”

Ivan Lesmana is responsible for events and marketing for Mimaki Europe, he explains, “Innovation is at the centre of Mimaki’s future strategy. We have for many years now realised that the next stage of development for digital printing must be to connect and inspire the creative industry with the possibilities of digital printing. The more the creative industry embraces the possibilities, the better the ideas and the profitability of digital print. This is where the value is, and this is why Mimaki is pleased to be part of the first Pure Digital Show in Amsterdam and we look forward to connecting and showing what amazing applications are possible with our technology.”

Simon Edwards is Vice President of Sales and Marketing at Tonejet, “Tonejet is participating in the Pure Digital Show as we see the value of connecting with key people from the creative industry. Our digital technology enables the customisation of beverage cans, particularly focused on the booming craft beer market.. The more designers, agencies and marketers understand the potential of digital printing the better as far as we are concerned, for Tonejet and for the digital printing industry.”

Mark Mashiter is Managing Director of Soyang Europe, “Soyang Europe has championed the use of original and creative printable materials for many years and Pure Digital is a great opportunity to showcase a range of products from our current media collections.

As we continue to develop new and exciting substrates, it’s important that their extraordinary potential is communicated to the right people, so we expect the show in Amsterdam to deliver an inspiring forum for us to meet with designers, brand owners, and marketers as well as our existing print industry partners in a global, creative hub.”

The Pure Digital Show will comprise of exhibitors, top level speaker content and live demonstrations of digital print applications for creative professionals. The event will show that digital print is a fast, flexible and dynamic media that deserves a strategic place in the creative value chain. Right now, it plays a tactical role and in order for more growth to be realised, organisers and founding exhibitors believe this has to change. Pure Digital will give visitors inspiring access on how to exploit this awesome digital technology to the greatest possible effect.

Co-Founder, Marcus Timson concludes, “In our research phase we spent time talking to agencies and brands and it is clear that traditional print machinery events don’t interest the creative community. And for exhibitors, the process of exhibiting large machinery is too expensive and people are telling us that they really do not meet new people as the market has moved on and levelled out. Most printers know what digital can do for them. So, it is now time to take the ‘message’ to key influencers – show the amazing applications to the creatives in order to grow demand for digital print applications that make a profit for printing companies.”

The Pure Digital Show will be hosting a webinar on September 22nd focused on digital wallpaper and more initiatives, summits and regular articles showing the possibilities of digital print are being planned. Registrations for this webinar are already very high for this topic and spaces are limited – register here for FREE!