Interior decoration by Guandong impressing visitors at Fespa

Once again Guandong succeeds in impressing visitors at Fespa.

Once again Guandong succeeds in impressing visitors at Fespa. After our retail-inspired stands of previous years, interior decoration moved into the spotlight and shone with flying colours in Piazza Italia.

An area embellished with reproductions of stunning Italian landscapes, decorating every single surface - from the floor to the pillars, tables and struts – alongside Guandong media developed for Spot Deco. An array of innovative solutions for "en plein air" communication, bringing the elegant Piazza Italia to life. "We created a stand designed to present our products through tactile storytelling, giving life to a surprising gallery of applications. Visitors were able to see the performance of our product range with their own eyes, in a warm and friendly atmosphere; typically Italian", commented Edoardo Elmi, President of Guandong. Because the media developed by Guandong’s R&D department to meet the demands of new communication trends, which offer unprecedented performance, are fruit of Italian entrepreneurial expertise, with decades of experience in the world of visualcom and a thorough knowledge of the compositions of the different materials: from backlit fabrics in wide format to interchangeable magnetic wallpaper; from panels with removable graphics to erasable wall boards.

And although Spot Decò can now be considered a conquered frontier for in-store communication, Guandong media continues to offer unique solutions for countless other digitally printed applications. The exhibition area developed to welcome European distributors was a triumph of innovation: our skilful digital printing reproduced vivid and impactive images on materials that are easy to apply, removable, washable and suitable for both indoors and outdoors.

But just around the corner from Piazza Italia, it was possible to get a glimpse of the immediate future: the space dedicated to the company’s new Magnus division was a tribute to the freedom of paper printing. A real-life laboratory equipped with functioning systems for different technologies: UV desktops, cutting plotters and, above all, new-generation, high performance laser printers that meet all the new needs of in-store communication, with equipment that can be installed in closed environments, even in close contact with the public. And combined with this technology, paper has made its big comeback in the A3 Plus format.

The Magnus range includes magnetic and ferrous materials, and glue-free fabrics and thermoplastics which, thanks to the use of applied nanotechnology, adhere perfectly to any surface, making them self-gripping (3960 micro suction cups per sq.m). All the products in the Magnus range have high thermal resistance that can withstand the temperatures of fixatives used for the toner in laser printers (160°C.). "This range is the meeting point between two major technologies. Laser printing and ink-jet printing; so far and yet so close," adds Fabio Elmi, Guandong’s marketing director. "The materials in the Magnus range combine these two worlds and guarantee excellent results with both technologies, opening the way to new distribution systems and further opening up the market to new applications that look specifically to the future of communication and related products."