INX Digital to focus on duo of new inks at SGIA

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INX Digital will be focusing on a duo of environmentally conscious inks at SGIA on booth #733.  The TRIANGLE DTX direct-to-textile and TRIANGLE EDX inks are colour compatible and fast drying. Ken Kisner, President of INX Digital International, considers them ideal ink solutions for nearly any situation a specialty imager would encounter.

“The reaction from our customers and others in the marketplace to DTX and EDX is extremely positive and encouraging,” said Kisner, whose employees in the booth will be wearing pink in honour of Breast Cancer Awareness month. 

“The North American marketplace is reacting to and purchasing 'green' products such as these two inks.  That’s why we have for years been developing and bringing to market with the most environmentally friendly products possible.  As we continue to develop Triangle brand inks, we will concentrate on making high quality products that are safer to use and safer for the environment.”

DTX direct-to-textile was created for the aftermarket sales channel for INX Digital.  A water-based ink, it is designed for use on direct printing with synthetic fabrics using Epson print head based printer technology.  DTX exhibits fast drying characteristics on polyesters with minimum 60 percent blends and does well on various coated and uncoated medias.  Available in six colours and one litre bottles, it also performs extremely well and is very durable in outdoor conditions.

“DTX direct-to-textile ink is a very flexible product and for all the right reasons,” Kisner said.  “In addition to being chemically compatible with an alkylphenolethoxylate-free formulation, it displays optimal ink fluidity and excellent image definition with vibrant colour.  DTX really is an ideal product for today’s specialty imagers.”

The debut of EDX last year marked the first time INX Digital’s TRIANGLE brand offered a colour and chemically compatible eco product for the alternative market.  New colour profiles are not necessary in order to obtain compatible output to the OEM inks when printing.  Fast drying with low odour, EDX provides a significant cost savings when compared to Roland Soljet series printers eco inks.  When compared to OEM wide format inks, EDX is typically 30-50 percent lower in cost.

INX Digital will also introduce a new printer to the TRIANGLE brand.  The HP 8000 printer will be demonstrated using HPS ink.