Mimaki to show range of textile printers at ITMA

Mimaki Tx400 1800

Mimaki will be showing its Tx400-1800D and Tx400-1800B textile printers at ITMA - the International Exhibition of Textile Machinery - in Barcelona, September 22-29, 2011.  Visitors to the Mimaki stand - A138, Hall 7 - will also get an early preview of new textile and apparel solutions from Mimaki, which include new textile pigment inks specially designed for the Tx-400 Series printers, a new textile RIP, as well as two new textile printers prototypes (concepts) based on Mimaki’s digital inkjet heritage.

Mimaki has been a leader in the textile inkjet printing business since the late 1990s and is committed to further innovate in this market with its outstanding product range for not only dye sublimation but also the more traditional textile inks, such as reactive and the new pigment inks.

Highlights include:

The new textile pigment printing system

Two new Mimaki products will be exhibited in combination with Mimaki’s successful Tx400-1800D textile inkjet printer; the TP250 textile pigment ink and Tx Link Pro textile RIP software, to create a streamlined textile printing production system. As a result, faster job turnarounds and cost-effective textile printing can be achieved, giving great return on investment to users without high investment in post-processing equipment. Both new products are expected to be available from November 2011 onwards.

The TP250* textile pigment ink allows print service providers to eliminate the need to steam and wash in the finishing process, reducing the ecological footprint through zero water pollution. Furthermore, the new ink enables six colour printing (CMYKLcLm) with a high colour gamut resulting in vibrant images and two extra spot colours (orange and blue) are also available, offering an even more attractive colour gamut in combination with Mimaki’s new textile RIP (Tx Link Pro).

The Tx Link Pro* software not only enables print service providers to print multi colour separations but also includes the Pantone Colour Library for accurate reproduction of a full range of Pantone colours. The Mimaki Tx Link Pro software works with an ICC profile system that also encompasses the generation of profiles, colour editing, designing and printing functionality in one package.

Mimaki’s digital textile printing system for stretchable fabrics

At ITMA, the Mimaki Tx400-1800B conveyor belt model will be shown printing with reactive dye ink (Rc210) in combination with the new textile RIP software Tx Link Pro supporting the 8 colour system. The Tx400-1800B textile inkjet printer with the new RIP software enables multicolour separations with Mimaki’s reactive dye ink for printing brilliant vivid colours and spot colouring for deep shades.

Next generation textile inkjet printers (prototypes/concepts) *

Mimaki will show two prototype digital inkjet printers that offer low-cost inkjet printing, high stability, streamlined workflow, and unattended printing. The prototypes address the issues relating to productivity and running costs, which often keep many textile print service providers from going digital.

At the show, Mimaki’s new provisionally named Tx600-1800DS* for soft signage production via direct to fabric sublimation printing and the new provisionally named TS600-1800SB* for printing with dye sublimation inks on transfer paper for production of high quality sports apparel and soft-signage. The required heat finishing equipment will be comprehensively demonstrated in combination with the prototypes. Mimaki’s new sublimation inks feature a broader colour gamut than previous inks, achieving higher density colours, while at the same time displaying sharp, crisp, and colourful images.

Features of Tx600-1800DS and TS600-1800SB (prototypes) *

  • High speed printing in 6 or 8 colour mode of 60 sq m/h (100 sq m/h in 4 colour mode).
  • Continuous feeding of “jumbo” rolls for unattended or overnight printing.
  • The unique Mimaki Nozzle Recovery Function enables consistent and stable print quality even when printing unattended or overnight.
  • A new ink supply system that reduces ink prices significantly.
  • Mimaki also adds the new Remote Support and Remote Maintenance features for fast response times in case of malfunction, enabling rapid resumption of work.

Large format cutting plotter for apparel

Mimaki will also demonstrate the APC-130, a large format cutting plotter for textile patterns that enables continuous plotting and cutting in one step. The APC-130 is based on Mimaki's extensive know-how within the cutting market and the company's highly praised CG-series of cutting machines for the sign industry. Equipped with various functionality required by the apparel and fashion industry, the APC-130 excels at its ease of use. The plotter displays a high accuracy of plotting and cutting all kinds of design ideas and shapes.

Complete list of products to be exhibited:

  • Tx400-1800D  : Large format digital textile inkjet printer
  • Tx400-1800B  : Large format digital textile inkjet printer 
  • Rc210  : Reactive dye ink
  • APC-130  : NEW Large format cutting plotter for apparel patterns
  • TP250  : NEW Textile pigment ink
  • Tx Link Pro : NEW RIP software for digital textile production
  • Tx600-1800DS : NEW Large format digital textile inkjet printer (prototype)  
  • TS600-1800SB : NEW Large format digital textile inkjet printer (prototype) 

* Product specifications are under continuous development and may change without prior notice.