MUTOH announces plans to launch the VJ-1638UR, a new 64" wide UV-LED inkjet printer

The new Mutoh high speed UV-LED VJ-1638UR 64" roll-to-roll printer will produce many versatile applications with rich, bright colors.

MUTOH INDUSTRIES LTD. a leading manufacturer of wide-format inkjet printers, affiliated with MUTOH HOLDINGS CO., LTD. today announced plans to launch the "VJ-1638UR", a new 64" wide UV-LED inkjet printer for the commercial print and sign & display markets.

Prior to the official launch from Japan, the "VJ-1638UR" will be exhibited at the ISA (International Sign Association) Sign Expo 2018, the largest sign and graphic exhibition in the US, to be held in Orlando, Florida USA from March 22nd - 24th, 2018.

The new "VJ-1638UR" is specifically developed for "Roll to Roll" printing at an affordable price with the quality and performance of Mutoh's current UV-LED printers. The staggered dual print head design and the dual UV lamps on the both sides of the print heads provide high productivity while also offering environmentally friendly features such as UV ink that is VOC free, low energy consumption and odorless after curing.

MUTOH UV-LED ink provides a wide range of applications. In addition, MUTOH "Cool technology" reduces working temperature allowing printing on heat sensitive media. Varnish ink will contribute to your sign and display business by allowing spot varnish and multi-layer printing which is not possible with solvent printers.

The printer also comes standard with an automatic media registration pin system and a vacuum table with "blow-back" feature for easy handling and positioning of heavy media. The vacuum table is divided into four zones firmly fixing various media sizes and improving work efficiency.

The PJ-2508UF will expand a print shop's production capability and product offerings such as promotional items, directional signage, awards, specialty, labels and packaging prototypes.

The features of the new VJ-1638UR include:

• Printing roll to roll media, offered at an affordable price while maintaining the current LED-UV printer's performance.
• The staggered dual print head design and the dual UV lamps on both sides of the print heads provide high productivity.
• Environmentally friendly VOC free MUTOH UV ink, low energy consumption and odorless prints after curing.
• "Cool technology" compatible with heat sensitive media. Provides expanded application usage.
• MUTOH's intelligent interweave print technology "i-Weave UV" offers high print quality
• Standard automatic sheet-off function
• Enhanced maintenance capability with an open/close cover next to the maintenance cover which expands the work space, and make daily maintenance easier.
• User replaceable cleaning wiper
• Ink mist control for stable print operation
• 6 color MUTOH UV-LED ink (KCMY + white and varnish). The white ink enables you to print on transparency and colored media, the varnish ink reduces unevenness, and produces a glossy and fine texture image.
• Three-layer printing mode (WWVV + KCMY + VV) with high density varnish is added, further enriching the print image.
• New 5 color mode setting on KCMY + Varnish

The VJ-1638UR is scheduled to be released sequentially in the US, Asia, EMEA. The release in Japan is planned for May.