Mutoh is latest company to sign up for EcoPrint Show

Ecoprint Mutoh

Mutoh has been confirmed as the latest founding exhibitor at EcoPrint 2012.

Marcus Timson, co-founder of the EcoPrint Show, comments, "The confirmation of Mutoh as founding exhibitor at EcoPrint is another example of a leading print manufacturer, with a commitment to sustainability, who is willing to invest in a new event that will provide a focus on sustainability. We are delighted to have Mutoh’s involvement in our EcoPrint Development Group and as an exhibiting company at EcoPrint."

He continues, "After the EcoPrint Development Group Meeting in Hamburg in December, we generated even more commitment and interest in this concept. It seems the print sector has been waiting for an event such as this to come along.  Currently there is no other event in 2012 that offers us the opportunity to showcase our eco-credentials and environmentally friendly printing products like EcoPrint 2012. This show is not just focused on technology and it challenges us all to become a more sustainable print sector."

Arthur Vanhoutte, President, Mutoh Belgium explains why Mutoh has signed as a founding exhibitor.  "It is clear from our experience this year, that the strong level of interest in our textile printing systems and half of our new enquiries were for our dye sublimation, soft signage and direct-to-textile machinery and we believe this is due to both the creative potential this offers our customers but also the considerable environmental credentials our technology has. At Mutoh, we have, for a long time, been committed to sustainability and creating solutions that add commercial and environmental value for our customers and EcoPrint 2012 provides us with the focus and platform, in which to tell our sustainable story."

In 2011, Mutoh released a white paper - which is available on its website - titled 'How Green is Green?' highlighting the complexities of implementing sustainability and explaining the perils of 'greenwashing'.

Arthur continues, "We think that the print company is under pressure to change and become sustainable but there are still plenty of products that pretend to be green when they are really not so green. We think EcoPrint 2012 will contribute the discussion about issues affecting the effective adoption of sustainability in a print business and perhaps help print companies avoid investing in the wrong areas."

EcoPrint 2012 will be dealing with a number of issues that the print industry is confronting in regard to sustainability and will, over the coming months, be developing the content of the event in partnership with the EcoPrint Development Group.

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