Nazdar to showcase UV/LED ink solutions at InPrint 2015

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Nazdar Ink Technologies has announced it will be showcasing a full range of high quality alternative ink solutions at the upcoming InPrint show.  

The company and its key representatives will be present in Hall A6 on Stand C47 throughout the event – which is scheduled to take place in Munich, Germany, between 10th and 12th November 2015 – and will be showcasing Nazdar’s latest innovations to current and prospective customers, distributors and OEM business partners.

Primarily used by printers in the Industrial, Container, Metal, Nameplate/Membrane Switch, Point of Purchase (POP), Roll Label, Sign, and Textile decorating markets, Nazdar has a full range of high quality alternative ink solutions for almost every application.

UV / LED inks for Digital and Screen applications

At the show, the company will be highlighting its UV/LED inks for Digital and Screen applications.

Nazdar 260 Series Inks are general graphic inks designed to be run in DX-4 and DX-5 print head, LED curing printers at normal conditioned room temperatures. The inks exhibit excellent adhesion and flexibility on a variety of typical (POP) substrates.  They are formulated for use in flexible applications and offer excellent resistance to edge chipping on styrene, foam board and fluted polypropylene materials when used with a knife or router cutter.

The inks are high impact, and deliver high intensity colours with an extended colour gamut. They guarantee long term exterior performance with proven resistance to the effects of UV degradation and colour fade.

Nazdar’s 2600 Series UV LED Graphic Screen Ink is formulated to cure using a UV LED output source with a primary wavelength of 395 nanometres. The ink has been developed for point of sale/point of purchase graphic applications on a wide range of substrates used for indoor and outdoor advertising.

The use of UV LED curing systems rather than traditional mercury vapour curing units reduces energy costs, reduces heat within the curing process, and provides significantly longer lamp life.

OEM Partnerships

Visitors to InPrint will be able to meet with Nazdar representatives to discuss possible business partnerships. Nazdar Ink Technologies has vast experience and expertise in research, development and manufacturing of inks for a wide and diverse range of digital printing applications. This along with the company’s flexible approach gives Nazdar the credentials to build strategic partnerships with leading print head manufacturers, system integrators and printer OEMs offering solutions for their specific application needs.

Nazdar's US and UK manufacturing plants, world ranging technical staff, and industry players’ relationships make integrating their products with the latest equipment technologies a breeze. Nazdar works closely with print head manufacturers, like Xaar, to ensure successful development and implementation for programme partners. Nazdar is well experienced in supplying major OEM manufacturers and has the R&D capability and product portfolio to satisfy OEMs’ most complex coatings requirements.

OEMs experience smooth implementation of Nazdar manufactured products into their processes, due to the seamless service, support, and security Nazdar provides.

Non-competitive and non-disclosure relationships are a way of life for Nazdar and many large corporations around the world put their trust in Nazdar.

Ink Answers and Regulatory help

Nazdar will also be highlighting its Ink Answers service at InPrint 2015.  Set up by the company’s Technical Service Group in 2012, and accessed through the email address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. , the Ink Answers service has become an incredibly useful communication tool for Nazdar’s distributors, salesforce and end-users.

Receiving more than 3000 emails per annum, each email sent to the Ink Answers email address goes to 25 people within the company’s technical department and the best equipped person to deal with the query will handle it.  It has proven to be a very efficient way of providing written product and application information – including attachments such as data sheets where they might be of use – to those that need it, in a very timely manner.

Questions come in globally from a number of sources: distributors, Nazdar’s field sales teams and end-user customers.  Mostly they relate to fairly straightforward topics such as which inks are best for which applications, how end-users can optimise print performance, where they can buy the inks, who can help them with ink issues, and regulatory questions regarding the safety and disposal of inks. At present, responses from Nazdar’s head office are sent in either English or Spanish; questions requiring responses in other languages – such as Chinese – are forwarded to Nazdar’s local representatives for handling.

Additionally, many of the answers to these questions can be found on Nazdar’s FAQ site (

Nazdar also has a dedicated Regulatory Compliance Department to assist customers in meeting compliance requirements for chemicals. As well as legally required documentation, the department can also help with correct handling, storage and disposal procedures; details regarding types of protective clothing required such as gloves, goggles and aprons; and other topics such as transportation, toxicological or special precautions.

On the upcoming event, James MacDonald, Vice President of Marketing at Nazdar, comments, “We look forward to meeting industry manufacturers at the InPrint show and sharing how Nazdar can help them with their inks and coatings needs.”

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