Neolt to show new UV printers and finishing equipment at Viscom Italy

Neolt Asterjet

NEOLT S.p.A. will show new printers and print finishing machines at the Viscom Italy trade show in Milan (October 21st - 23rd).

At Neolt's booth G01/H10 in Hall 3, the company from Lombardy will demonstrate:

X-Jet 3200 UV printer featuring Xaar 1001 print heads: Neolt's top-of-the-line printer was developed to maximize the output volume without compromising on quality. The highly robust structure of the machine with a Neolt-proprietary ink circulation system and the implementation of the Xaar 1001 print heads, with their ink drop sizes ranging from 6 to 42 PL, make this possible. This is the first time that Neolt shows the 3200 mm model. Earlier on, the X-Jet 2050 was launched.

AsterJet 2200 hybrid UV printer, Xaar Proton print heads: This machine, shown in a CMYK + White color configuration, has a print width of 2200 mm and features two innovative media transport systems: a patented rotating vacuum cylinder for flexible media and a vacuum moving bar for rigid substrates with a thickness of up to 50 mm. Allowing borderless printing on all four sides, the AsterJet 2200 is now shown for the first time printing with white ink.

AsterJet 1650 hybrid UV printer, Xaar Proton print heads: Designed for smaller print shops with limited investment resources, this printer, which at the show will print in a CMYK+Lc+Lm configuration, handles flexible and rigid media up to 10 mm thickness. Low as its purchasing price may be, the printer delivers excellent output quality at high speed. It features Neolt's patented rotating vacuum cylinder, which transports both flexible and rigid media securely and safely through the printer. White ink is available for this printer as well. Neolt will show the printer as part of a complete workflow solution, together with an automatic unwinder for jumbo rolls and the XY Matic Trim for simultaneous horizontal and vertical cutting.

Neolam PE: This is an entirely new family of entry-level cold laminators which Neolt launches at Viscom. This laminator is available in sizes 1100, 1400 and 1650 mm and has a pneumatic system to regulate the nip opening (max. 20 mm) and upper roll pressure.

NeoWeld 1300 is Neolt's best-selling welding solution for banner and other PVC material. Extremely easy to install and to operate, this strong impulse-electric device is suitable both for welding hem pockets and for joining pieces of substrate.

Textile Super Trim: the world's first and only stand-alone trimmer for natural and synthetic fabrics. With iTs heated, motorized rotary blade the machine cuts and seals at the same time to avoid fraying. With the heating switched off, this trimmer cuts any other flexible substrate up to 8 mm thick.

Universal Trim: This is a three-in-one machine featuring a disc saw to cut rigid materials, a pneumatic blade which cuts semi-rigids and a dedicated tool for cutting glass.