25 Jun 2024

Rachel Nunziata interview – Opportunities in interior décor

LFR recently caught up with décor thought-leader, writer and influencer, Rachel Nunziata, to get her expert input on interior décor.

LFR recently caught up with décor thought-leader, writer and influencer, Rachel Nunziata, to get her expert input on the interior décor opportunity and to find out more about her forthcoming webinar with HP.

Rachel Nunziata | LinkedIn

As an accepted expert in interior decor, our first question, Rachel, is how do you see the versatility and immediacy of digital print most influencing the interior decor market?

Primarily, digital print technology allows the designer to design without commitment. Rather, they can simultaneously test new design concepts and create new products before they are printed with relatively low-risk and no inventory. Shorter lead times will also continue to reshape and influence the market.

There is a large, untapped opportunity for designers and creatives to leverage digital print not only to bring personalization and customization to their projects but also to grow their brands and businesses. In both commercial and residential markets, versatility and on-demand printing are eliminating barriers to entry for designers seeking to develop their own product lines, and for consumers in residential, digital print is driving the democratization of design.

I see product design as one of the largest areas of growth for designers, however, further education must happen to increase awareness about the nearly limitless opportunity with digital print.

In regard to the overall influence in the interior décor market, the value of digital print will continue to align with the pace of the world around us and ultimately, its versatility, sustainability and immediacy will be a leading factor for specifying digital over analogue production methods.

Given the opportunity is real and it is happening now, how best might a PSP that is more used to printing for retail display or signage pivot their business into interior decor printing? What are your top tips?

In short, more often than not, there are décor print opportunities to be discovered through your existing network. I would advise PSPs to engage in conversation with their current customer base and ask open ended questions about post-pandemic strategies for re-opening. By having a detailed and up-to-date profile about your customer, PSPs can launch into this market segment by focusing on low-hanging fruit; for example, branded graphics in corporate office spaces can lead to customization in interior décor.

By elevating traditional offerings such as adhesive backed architectural wraps with paste application wallcovering on a variety of textures, PSP’s can offer long-term décor solutions. My top advice is to begin where you are, build the business, then branch out and utilize vendor partnerships to understand technical aspects of new equipment and applications.

How might a PSP locate interior decor decision makers and how do they engage with them to try and win business and subsequently make them customers?

Identifying the decision maker begins with understanding the market, supply chains and how different team members communicate with one another throughout a project. For example, in commercial the decision maker might be the interior designer or architect. However, a wallcovering installer has a large role in persuasion and if a material or product is difficult to work with, their feedback may influence during the material specification process.

Reputation is also a critical component of a designer's ability to book new clients so respecting established relationships is key for PSPs to take into consideration. Ultimately, providing knowledge, trust and consistent high-quality printed products are the important ingredients in developing long-term business relationships.

Finally, we understand that you are about to do a webinar with HP on the subject of “Décor – what’s next.” Without giving too much away, tell us what a PSP will gain from attending or downloading that webinar?

The webinar will be a key source of information as we head into the post-pandemic era and for PSPs to stay up to par. I’ve curated some of the most pertinent information about décor trends, concepts, new print applications and how architects and designers will be designing years from now and beyond.

The future is bright for all as we come together after the pandemic but especially for PSPs as I believe now is the time to showcase digital print technology through on-demand customization, personalization, democratization of design, nearly limitless applications and more. With HP’s Latex & Stitch portfolio and breadth of print technology, almost any design application that can be thought of, can be achieved. I would encourage all to join this fresh and exciting virtual event.

For more information on HP’s upcoming beyond décor webinar, please click here: HP Possibility City


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