Russian market moves to full colour


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Océ, an international leader in digital document management and delivery, today announced that Océ will be on the Postyle stand at the ON DEMAND event from October 18 - 22 in Moscow, presenting leading continuous feed inkjet colour applications and business models.

Ideal for business applications: Océ JetStream systems

As digital printing applications move to full colour in the Russian market, Océ is on track to capture the front-runner position. Océ had managed to put the first Océ JetStream® 1000 inkjet printing system successfully into operation in Russia through distributor Postyle. The multi-purpose Océ JetStream 1000 system prints full-colour personalised data in one step without requiring the corresponding production and expense of preprinted offset shells. Its engine produces high-quality full-colour 600 x 600 dpi A4 images at 75 metres per minute, the equivalent of up to 1,010 A4 images per minute.

Océ JetStream systems combine speed and quality with flexibility and reliability and are therefore ideal for applications such as the digital production of books, newspapers, transaction/TransPromo and direct mail documents. Océ applications focus on these four fast growing business areas, showing how to make each copy of a newspaper an individual product. They also show how publishers can reduce waste for short-run books and create a viable on-demand model for printing publications. Finally, they show how full-color transaction documents and direct mail gain greater attention and contribute to a more professional image while making these more interesting and informative to read.

Océ and Postyle at the fair

The first two days of the event are reserved for conferences and presentations. Océ and Postyle will deliver focus presentations including business successes in the respective areas of migration from black & white to colour, trends in the digital printing market, colour inkjet developments and market perspectives in Russia.

At ON DEMAND Océ and Postyle will present innovative applications based on Océ continuous feed inkjet colour technology. Together, both companies will deliver background information on their target group-related product strategy as well as on process optimised workflow and finishing solutions. The smooth migration from black & white to colour, state-of-the-art solutions for offset-based commercial printers to make them benefit from digital without drastic changes in their production process are also part of the show.