Screen invites visitors to Sign & Digital UK to “Take a Closer Look” at the Truepress Jet2500UV and Truepress Jet1600UV-F printers

Screen Truepress

Screen invites visitors to Sign & Digital UK to “Take a Closer Look” at the Truepress Jet2500UV and Truepress Jet1600UV-F wide format inkjet printers demonstrating impressive and high-quality ‘value-added’ special effects and 3D products, one way graphics, stunning wallpaper and window films (Stand F10).

For the first time, Screen will broadcast its daily presentations live and online direct from the stand to viewers worldwide who will be able to submit questions which will be answered directly from the show. Visit to see the Screen Sign & Digital Broadcast on 12th, 13th & 14th April. It will also be available to view online after the show.

“Our wide format printers can produce very impressive products that are opening up lucrative new market opportunities for display producers,” says Brian Filler, Managing Director of Screen UK. “Our booth will be packed with exciting, high-impact applications which is why we are broadcasting live to show the world what the Truepress Jet range can do and enable companies to take a closer look not only at our quality, flexibility, cost of operation and ownership, but also at the opportunities for their business.”

Screen introduces several important new features at the show designed to boost productivity and give the customer more flexibility to produce creative display graphics on the widest possible range of substrates.  The versatile 2.5m width hybrid Truepress Jet2500UV printer can now handle five and seven multi-layer printing, allowing users to produce impressive double sided graphics on transparent material without feeding the media a second time; printing the first image followed by a layer each of white, black, white and then the final image.

The Truepress Jet2500UV strikes the perfect balance between high quality and high productivity with near-photo quality printing and short turnaround times. It can produce outstanding graphics on a range of materials including the usually difficult to handle corrugated cardboard and polypropylene for POP applications. High-precision output at a maximum resolution of 1,500 dpi and high speed printing at up to 67.5sqm per hour on either roll-fed or flatbed format material gives huge flexibility to meet the demands of customers.
A new post-curing unit for the flat-bed 1.6m width Truepress 1600UV-F increases curing power to improve productivity by up to 80% without the need for additional printheads. Other new features include a roll printing option, for continuous or multi-job printing, and clear ink which enables users to achieve spot gloss effects on matt surfaces. With the post-curing unit users can vary the matt/gloss to achieve a range of creative effects.
The 1,200dpi Truepress Jet1600UV-F can print a wide variety of substrates up to 50mm thick with inks that are hard-dried using the latest heat-free LED curing, making it the ideal machine to produce eye-catching lenticular images.

Flexibility is guaranteed by two types of UV ink, for flexible media and rigid media, which can be stretched by up to 200% as well as cast or bent. The rigid ink is friction resistant and can withstand exposure to damaging chemicals making it ideal for printing onto aluminium composite panels and decorative illuminated film. The low temperature U-LED lamps also mean heat-sensitive substrates such as foam, PVC, acrylic etc, can be imaged without warping or distortions. White ink ensures high-quality output on transparent, metallic and coloured media.