Sign & Digital UK 'extremely busy and successful' for DPI

Mtex Mediumpic

Digital Print Innovations Ltd (DPI) reported 'an extremely busy and successful' Sign & Digital UK 2012 show and - in partnership with its customer Quantum UV Technologies - announced its involvement in the development of an innovative anti-viral printing service on stand.

Quantum UV Technologies has purchased the InkTec Jetrix 2030FRK flatbed UV printer from DPI to set up a brand new anti-viral printing service. In an agreement reached with Midlands-based Premier Finishes, Quantum has acquired the exclusive global rights to develop and market inks containing Hygienilac, an extremely effective anti-bacterial additive, FDA and HSE approved which is 99.9% effective with all known superbugs.

Hygienilac is one of the best-known anti-bacterial brands and found in a number of applications including furniture, plastics, high street detergents and textiles. Now following a rigorous process of development and testing, Quantum has perfected a unique product offering anti-bacterial properties without compromising print quality.

Stewart Bell of DPI comments, “It was great to be able to kick off the show with this great news of a totally innovative print service. We’ve been working very hard with Quantum UV over the past few months to help them realise this idea into a very real business opportunity and with orders already in the book for antibacterial print we’re delighted to be involved at the very beginning of a new and exciting era.”

The Jetrix 2030FRK is a CMYK LC LM printer with Primer and White. The primer allows for printing onto very specialist and traditionally very difficult substrates such as brushed metal, glass and other specialist materials. The robust build quality and density of the white was particularly of interest to visitors to the Jetrix stand, who were impressed with the large one-colour white ink signs being printed onto black and coloured Forex.

The EasyRack media storage and handling system was also debuted by DPI at Sign & Digital UK.  The solution is available as wall mounted (holding 12 rolls of media) or portable floor standing (holding up to 24 rolls of media, vinyl, paper or fabric) and also holds the various application tapes with additional clamps. Retailing from £695, the EasyRack is available in 7 widths.  DPI took orders for 12 units over the three days of the show and expects more in the days to come.

Stewart Bell says, “This new EasyRack has easily become the fastest selling gadget we’ve ever launched. The EasyRack sells itself really as you can see your stock, it frees up space, your rolls are kept free from damage and therefore there’s less wastage. The rolls simply click on and off so easily and if you’ve ever had to deal with rolls of media falling about the place and getting damaged, then you’ll know that this solution is every signmaker & digital printers dream especially with space at a premium.”

He adds, “Overall, we’ve had a busy show. It’s been great to meet with our customers, new and old, and introduce them to our new products and tell them about our Digital Print Innovation Centre in Derby where they can come and try out their media and substrates and demo files on our printers there. The MTex direct to textile printer received interest this week as well as the H-series Seiko printer. The MTex was just launched at FESPA this year and we were appointed the exclusive UK & Ireland distributor for it. People came to talk to us about the MTex specifically at Sign & Digital UK so it’s going to be an extremely popular choice. With the Seiko H-series, visitors were interested in the flexibility of the machine - the fact that you can print up to 100 sq metres an hour with CMYK x 2 configurations, and has double sided and mesh printing options available means that this printer can open up a huge range of markets to a small-medium sized digital print outfit. And it’s priced well. We’re delighted with all the conversations and orders we’ve had from the show and can’t thank visitors enough for their continued interest.  We’ve booked our stand already for 2013 so look forward to another busy year ahead!”

[photo shows MTex printer]