Speakers lining Up for FPK Resources’ Flexible Packaging Symposium

The symposium, scheduled for Dec. 4-6 in Atlanta, will include comprehensive information for print providers who want to break into flexible packaging printing.

Gearing up for the 3-day event: A Map for Printers to Manufacture Flexible Packaging, several industry leaders have been tapped to speak on a variety of topics from materials and processes to branding and supply chain.

The symposium, scheduled for Dec. 4-6 in Atlanta, will include comprehensive information for print providers who want to break into flexible packaging printing. Industry experts who are scheduled to speak include Daniel Lohman, President of Category Management Solutions, Chris Nothnagle, Senior Director – Converting Development, Toray Plastics, Ralph Giammarco, Vice President of S-One Labels & Packaging and more.

“We have lined up a powerful group of speakers from category management, retail, brand management, materials, contract manufacturing and packaging, and distribution,” says FPK Resources’ Kelly Williams. “We wanted to bring the right people into this event that can tell their stories about how their parts of the market have changed over the years and explain what they see as the needs and opportunities today and in the future.”

This 3-day event is geared for printers who:

• Have a strategic interest in expanding into flexible packaging

• Want to understand the investment, equipment, process and products needed to expand into this high-value market

• Want to capitalize on the customized, personalized opportunities that short-run digital printing provides

• Are ready to get started now with a checklist of action items and a plan for success

As many label printers have experienced, customers are looking for faster, more customized turn-around for flexible packaging printing – a request that large, industrial printers and converters cannot service. With digital or conventional print equipment, label printers are primed to step in and win this business, especially in light of the new technology and products that make it easier than ever. A Map for Printers to Manufacture Flexible Packaging is ideal for this segment, with topics covered like:

• How consumers are fueling the demand for flexible packaging

• Products and technology: films, adhesives, laminations, converting processes and more

• The competitive advantages of being an agile, local flexible packaging manufacturer

• How to leverage the materials and supply chain to take orders, customize and deliver packaging in days, not weeks or months
• The truth behind GMP and what it takes to comply with FDA regulations, and how compostable packaging will change the game

By the end of this symposium, label printers will have what it takes to write their business plan for a flexible packaging product line.

“During this event, we will teach the attendees how flexible packaging will be produced in the future that is far simpler than the way it is done today,” says FPK Resources’ Ginger Cushing. “This will not be a bunch of broad ideas being tossed around for attendees to ponder. The program reveals specific steps to follow to make short or long runs of customized flexible packaging on digital or conventional presses – efficiently and quickly, in the time frame the market is already demanding.”