25 Jun 2024

Tecnau set to unveil cutting-edge innovations at drupa 2024

Tecnau reveals groundbreaking innovations at drupa: revolutionizing print finishing and packaging.

Tecnau is proud to announce the unveiling of cutting-edge innovations at drupa, reinforcing our position as a frontrunner in print finishing and packaging technology.

Visitors to our booth will experience first-hand our advancements that are shaping Tomorrow’s Finishing, Today.

Introducing the Revolution 50 AutoSetup series: Automated Roll to Cut & Stack

We are thrilled to introduce the Revolution 50 AutoSetup series, a groundbreaking solution for automated roll to cut and stack applications. This innovation represents a leap forward for the industry, offering full-bleed capabilities with automated page length changes and web impositions – from 1up to 4up with no touch points. The Revolution 50 AutoSetup enables commercial and direct mail printers to move easily across applications, eliminating set up times and associated operating errors. The Revolution 50 AutoSetup maximizes uptime and reduces labor cost.

Introducing the Revolution 50 StreamFolder series: StreamFolder 5152 and StreamFolder 5154 book-block production with pre-glue

Introducing the new Revolution 50 StreamFolder series, state-of-the-art solutions for roll to glued book-blocks featuring a single (StreamFolder 5152) or double-channel (StreamFolder 5154) delivery system, with book by book delivery option. With speeds up to 200m/min, on-the-fly and automated format change and semi-automated imposition change, the Revolution 50 StreamFolder series is the ideal solution for short run book printers looking for productive, easy-to-use and simple-to-maintain solutions for their digital print operations. The Revolution 50 StreamFolder series is paired with the optional Tecnau RoboLoad, a pick-up robot to autonomously palletize the continuous output generated by highly productive book-block production lines without manual operating intervention.

Bringing Tecnau Connect to the next level: Advancements in Industrial IoT

Tecnau Connect emerges as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) system designed to supervise and analyze production statistics. With its reporting of root causes of errors and stoppages intrinsic to finishing lines and organizational processes overall, Tecnau Connect is a powerful tool to drive availability and performance increase. With the inclusion of a preventive maintenance package, Tecnau Connect enables service providers to eliminate unexpected stoppages and instead plan preventive maintenance activities.

Sitma’s e-Wrap: Commitment to Sustainable Packaging

Sitma, a Tecnau company, presents the e-Wrap automated mailer system, a space-efficient solution to produce pack-to-size paper mailers that represents the company's commitment to sustainability and innovation. Perfect for books and a wide range of items, Sitma’s e-Wrap is the answer to the growing demand for environmentally responsible packaging. Sitma’s e-Wrap stands out as a highly efficient right-size packaging automation solution, capable of packaging up to 900 products per hour. Uniquely designed to dynamically adjust mailer sizing in length, width, and thickness, e-Wrap ensures a perfect fit for each item, significantly reducing material usage and shipment cost.

In addition to its range of innovative product launches, Tecnau is excited to announce significant performance boosts across its portfolio, designed to keep pace with the latest advancements in digital printing technology. Key updates include:

  • Increased Speeds for Zero Speed Splicer, Cutting & Stacking and Dynamic Perforators and Punching: Tecnau announces immediate availability of the Zero Speed Splicer u55 / r55 at 250m/min together with the TC 1550 HS series of Dynamic Perforator & Punching at 250m/min, while the Revolution 50 Stack 5x51 now supports reliable cutting and stacking at printer speeds up to 200m/min.
  • Enhancements for Wider Web Widths: To further align with market trends and customer needs, Tecnau has enhanced its entire Revolution 50 portfolio to support a 23 inches (584mm) web width. This update includes improvements to our unwinders, rewinders, zero speed splicers, cut and stack systems, as well as our dynamic perforators and punching equipment.

These enhancements reflect Tecnau's commitment to continuous improvement and innovation, ensuring our customers have access to the most advanced and efficient print finishing solutions available.

In addition, in our booth Tecnau presents the Stack 1212 B2+ size sheet cutting and stacking and the Revolution 50 roll to cut & fold. The Stack 1212 solution integrates with the Kompac Phoenix UV & Aqueous Coating & Priming system, enhancing high-quality color applications printed on B2+ toner and inkjet sheet-fed presses. This combination elevates the visual and tactile quality of printed materials, and deliver neatly cut and separated output, ready for dispatch in a single pass without any manual guillotine processing. The Revolution 50 Unwinder u50 and Cutter c52, along with the Transport t50s bridge, are expertly integrated to feed sheets into the Heidelberg Stahlfolder TH 66 Hybrid. This synergy is tailored for both commercial and pharmaceutical applications requiring precision and high performance fold production.

Tecnau invites you to join us at drupa to explore these transformative technologies that integrate seamlessly, automate processes, and ensure the highest quality in print finishing and sustainable packaging.