08 Dec 2021

The 29th successful edition of FuturePrint comes to an end

The 29th FuturePrint edition comes to an end exceeding expectations of exhibitors and visitors alike.

The 29th edition of FuturePrint comes to an end with numbers and results far exceeding expectations. The fair, which was held from July 10 to 13, at Expo Center Norte, in São Paulo (SP), received more than 40,000 visitors who wanted to learn about technological innovations, trends and acquire knowledge on the screen printing, sign and textile printing sectors.

This is the first year the fair was held under the name FuturePrint, which emerges as an evolution of the traditional Serigrafia SIGN FutureTEXTIL name. The new concept was introduced with more relevant content, innovations, information exchange and practical demonstrations, which were able to generate business opportunities from unique experiences, promoted by the attractions on display at the fair.

“At FuturePrint, visitors were able to learn more about the many techniques and solutions brought by exhibitors. The fair grew significantly, with more than 40 new exhibitors, an area increase of about 28%, in addition to international pavilions. These are some of the reasons why FuturePrint is regarded as the most important fair for those seeking visual communication, textile printing, screen printing and sublimation. We can say that this is the ideal fair for those working in this industry”, said the event director, Liliane Bortoluci.

One of the major milestones of this edition was the presence of a well-qualified audience, who visited the booths during the four days in search of machines that would help increase their companies’ production capacity, ensuring better market quality. “The event was attended by decision-making visitors interested in doing business and meeting the growing demands of their industry. This is a result of our constant commitment to foster and seek new market niches, which leads to providing our visitors with opportunities to diversify their business”, said Yeda Monteiro, product manager.

Celebrating 10 years at the fair, Mimaki noticed the quality of the audience attending this edition, which arrived at the event prepared and driven to seek technological solutions to meet their needs. “It’s a fair with high quality visitors, who approached the booths knowing what they wanted, understanding processes, products, applications and especially knowing that not necessarily the cheapest products are offered here, but the most important in the market. The best players and solutions are here”, said Danilo Ribeiro, Mimaki Brazil Marketing and Product Manager.

In the opinion of Alltak’s director, Marcelo Souss, one interesting characteristic of the fair is that it drives the market. “Customers already know that it is held in July, so they make arrangements to visit São Paulo and learn about the innovations. It’s very important to be part of this event because this is where the industry has a glimpse into trends and indicators showing where the market is heading”.

In its eighth participation at FuturePrint, Epson Brazil promoted an unprecedented action, believing in the potential of the fair and the Brazilian market. “FuturePrint is now the most important fair of the domestic market and, as such, we definitely know that we need to be here. For the first time at Epson, the company brought products that have not yet been introduced to the world, but which are on display at FuturePrint, such is the importance of the fair. We chose to launch the product first in Brazil and then to the world”, says Fábio Tolosa, Epson’s product specialist.

Positive market view
For the first time at the fair, the business representative, Monique Guedes, who works with visual communication in the city of Maceió (AL) was very excited about what she saw at the fair. “Here I had the opportunity to learn about many new materials and machinery which have not yet arrived in our city or which are already outdated there. I found it very interesting meeting people from many different places. I’ll definitely be back next year”, she says.

“The fair met our expectations because there were many options to serve, from small productions to expanding the production we have now. With so many exhibitors, many options and this wide range of products, we can also come up with new ideas to apply”, says Fábio Silva, co-owner of a school and sports uniform- making company in São José dos Campos (SP).

From Ceará, Bianor Teles, who works in the visual communication industry, was very excited about participating in this year’s edition and is already making arrangements to return in 2020. “Participating in such an event is uplifting, as our vision changes with renewed enthusiasm. I am very excited about the innovations I have learned about here and the possibility to apply them to my business, with the certainty that customers will like it. For next year’s edition, I want to bring my friends and industry partners to learn more about innovations and bring them to our region!”.

Venue for professional training
Those who attended the event also had the opportunity to see the attractions promoted over the four days, in parallel to the fair, which offered a schedule of lectures and debates, focusing on delivering information and new knowledge to visitors.

Venues such as the FuturePrint Forum – which featured intense content, with renowned speakers addressing visual communication, sublimation, digital printing and business management; the Textile Digital Printing Circuit, an interactive attraction showing how the process behind the manufacture of textile products using digital printing works. Alongside the Circuit, the Future Têxtil Forum was held, with presentation of lectures, debates and success stories; Screen Printing in Action - which brought content and practical presentations on the universe of screen printing; Sublimation in Action, presented for the first time, - with lectures and workshops on the sublimation industry; DecorPrint - an environment created to demonstrate the endless possibilities that printing techniques and various substrates offer for interior decoration; the Acrylic Forum - featuring the latest technologies for using acrylic for visual communication; the Credit Room, a venue offered by the São Paulo State Federation of Industries (FIESP), the Brazilian Printing Industry Association (Abigraf) and the São Paulo State Printing Industry Union (Sindigraf), which brought together bases, cooperatives, fintechs and development agents to assist visitors in building the best financing strategy by explaining credit opportunities for their business; and Sebrae Mobile, providing consultancy to assist participants through financial and management analysis, as well as the Virtual Clothing Making 4.0 venue, promoted by SENAI São Paulo, which invited the visitor to take a tour using virtual reality glasses, in its pilot plant in the Industry 4.0 concept.

“The fair provided a lot of content for the visitors, which also resulted in a high level of satisfaction among all involved. The audience is now seeking the event to acquire knowledge and training. As a result, they can do business properly, knowing where they are heading, how they will grow with their investments and diversify their business, according to the content that was presented in our Forums and attractions”, says Liliane.

FuturePrint celebrates 30 years in 2020
The optimism of this year’s edition already motivates the preparation of FuturePrint’s 30th commemorative edition, which is scheduled for 2020. From July 22 to 25, Expo Center Norte will once again be the meeting point for professionals from the Screen printing, sign and textile printing industries.

“The level of satisfaction achieved in this edition in terms of audience, business and qualification already motivates us to seek to offer an even better event by 2020. We are very excited about the numbers and the industry feedback this year and we are already making arrangements to make the 30th anniversary edition even more complete and surprising, always seeking to offer knowledge and innovations for the development of FuturePrint’s business sectors”, says Liliane.