The Print Coach launches Print Profitability event with Ipex and Antalis McNaughton

Nick Devine1

The Print Coach has announced a new sales training event in conjunction with Ipex and Antalis McNaughton – Profit Fitness Live.  The event is scheduled to take place in April in London and the Midlands and has been developed in order to help print businesses maintain and increase profit in this tough marketplace.

The Print Coach, a.k.a. Nick Devine, comments, “Profits in the print industry are declining at 2.5 times the rate that sales are declining.  The reason this is happening is fundamentally simple and could be stated like this: If you don’t have a system for selling at higher margins, then you are at the mercy of the customers system for buying on price.” 

He adds, “When you look at the industry research, you see the average printer has net profits of less than 3% whereas profit leaders within the industry enjoy net profits in the 10% range.  If they are getting two different profit results then it follows that they must surely be using different selling systems?” 

Following in-depth research, Nick Devine has identified two primary profit strategies within the print industry: the ‘quote & hope’ system and the ‘profit fitness’ system.

The print industry norm currently seems to be the ‘quote & hope’ system.  Nick explains the process as follows: “Print salesperson calls the customer and asks for an opportunity to quote on a particular print job.  After the estimate has been sent, they follow up by asking: ‘Did you get the estimate – how did the price look?’  And the whole process puts the focus firmly on the price of the print.”

That is why Nick Devine believes the average printer is struggling to make a profit.  To be profit leaders, to outperform competitors, Nick believes that more businesses need to follow the profit-leaders’ ‘Profit Fitness’ system.

This Profit Fitness system looks at the customer process as a series of steps.  Nick explains, “There are 6 important steps where you can make additional profits.  You don’t need to make major gains on any particular step.  It’s the accumulation of what happens over the 6 steps that causes your profits to increase on a predictable basis.  One of the reasons it’s proven to be so effective is because it’s simple and practical to use for people of any skill level.”

The Profit Fitness Live events will focus on this process and help attendees work through it to maintain and increase their profitability.

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