Toyo Ink Group to exhibit hard coats, films & more at FilmTech

Toyo Ink Group will exhibit a wide range of new products at FilmTech Japan

Toyo Ink, Toyochem and Toyocolor, all subsidiaries of the Toyo Ink Group, announced today plans to exhibit at the 7th FilmTech JAPAN at the Tokyo Big Sight.

FilmTech JAPAN at the Tokyo Big Sight (April 6-8th 2016), as one of four exhibitions being held simultaneously at the 7th Highly-functional Material World event, is the world’s largest advanced film show featuring high functional films for such fields as automotive, building materials, pharmaceuticals and food packaging, in addition to moulding and processing technologies.

At the Toyo Ink Group booth E23-44, East Hall, Toyo Ink, Toyochem and Toyocolor, the three core operating companies of the Group, will jointly showcase a diverse range of materials for functional films that are available globally as well as high performance films and adhesive tapes, and other related solutions.

Signature Inks and Hard Coatings from Toyo Ink

Taking centre stage for Toyo Ink is the Lioduras line of UV-curable functional hard coatings for various uses such as touchscreens, displays and building materials. Two products of note are the Lioduras MAC series that exhibit excellent adhesion to sputtered metal films and the highly scratch-resistant Lioduras LCH-6000. At the booth, Toyo Ink will also introduce other hard coatings that address the basic functional performance need for high transparency, refractive index control, low-shrinkage, antistatic, anti-blocking, antibacterial, UV- and heat-reducing, water- and oil-repelling and anti-fingerprint.

Toyo Ink will spotlight its decorative inks and hard coatings for moulding and processing applications, including its Lioduras MOL hard coatings offer surface protection and high durability for in-mould decoration systems. In addition, the LIOCREATE SS MF series of screen printing inks with advanced design traits and the company’s proven line of gravure inks will be presented.

Another booth highlight is the REXWIN UA / US series of functional UV-curable pressure-sensitive adhesives that enable inline processing, owing to its compatibility with various coating methods. This PSA product also demonstrates excellent high transparency and adaptability to a wide variety of substrates.

Toyo Ink’s comprehensive portfolio of high-performance package printing products will also be on display. Featured products include the LIOROTO and AQUA LIONA series of water-based flexo inks for flexible packaging and the LIOCREATE SS8 Premium White and SSPO Premium White series of ultra-white, solvent-based screen inks with high-concealing power. Gravure printing materials with high design characteristics will also be highlighted.

Toyochem Innovation in Functional Films, Tapes & Adhesives

The Toyo Ink Group booth will feature the LIOELM series of high heat resistant, low tack, single-sided adhesive tapes from Toyochem. Visitors to the booth can expect to see its popular series of heat-resistant adhesives (LIOELM LE951, LE957L and LE959K), LIOELM LE831P-50BK high heat-resistant adhesive tapes for film splicing, LIOELM LE552 low-tack urethane protective tapes as well as prototypes of heat-resistant, repositionable polyimide tapes.

What’s more, Toyochem will spotlight its popular DYNACAL series of decorative marking films. The DYNACAL METALSHEET series offers excellent formability and environmental benefits, using a unique one-way mirror design to create a metallic look. The DYNACAL ECOSIGN PB series imparts a piano black lustre for a rich jet-black finish.

Other Toyochem functional films, adhesives tapes and adhesive products presented at the booth include functional hard coat films, functional OCA (Optically Clear Adhesive) sheets, the DOUBLE-FACE D-504 series of red adhesive tapes for core end use, materials for decorative moulding films (acrylic resins and films) and adhesives with outstanding acid resistance for battery applications.

Nanotube Compounds for Electronics from Toyocolor

The latest development in Toyocolor’s carbon nanotube (CNT)-based product lineup is the Lioplax LIOCONDUCT series of highly conductive CNT compounds, which are compatible with various resins. The fillers used in the company’s nanotube compounds exhibit electrical conductivity when as little as 2 % is added to films or injection moulded items. This enables the creation of moulded products with electromagnetic interference shielding properties that help to reduce high-frequency interference by 99 %, without the use of metal fibre fillers.