Truck mix-up at NEC leads to dealer stand-off.


Two well known UK resellers have inadvertently got themselves into something of a ding dong following a mix-up during the breakdown of their stands at this years NEC exhibition.

The resellers, one the leading UK agent for a well known manufacturer of wide-format printing equipment, the other a well regarded dealer for printers from another competing manufacturer, were both loading machines in to identical Ford Luton trucks.

It seems the drivers had left the keys in the vehicles, and one of them drove off in the wrong vehicle after loading was completed.

The error was only discovered when the trucks arrived back at their respective offices later in the evening.

The problem now appears to be in getting the printers back to the rightful owners, as the dealers are having something of an issue in working together for their mutual benefit.

An employee for one of the resellers told LFR "We'd like to get their printers back to them as soon as possible, as we're concerned that the inferior build quality of their products might lead to them developing faults while they are in our possession". He added "Naturally we also want our superior printers back as soon as possible, and of course are concerned that these quality products are now in the hands of an unauthorised dealer."

A spokesperson for the other party involved had this explanation "Yes, they do have our printers, and we really need to get them back as soon as possible. The trouble is they are asking us to pay a huge delivery and installation charge for the return of our own printers. This seems unfair, so we've countered by raising an invoice for the total value of our printers that are currently in their hands. We're hopeful we can conclude that deal and provide them with what would be a significant technology upgrade."

Exhibition co-ordinator April Foale was asked by LFR what provisions might be put in place to stop this from happening in the future, and we got this reply "We're just surprised to hear that they had any printers left after the show. It was a very successful show, more visitors than ever, more sales off the stands than ever, everyone is happy. Very very happy. Would you like to book a stand for 2018?"

LFR will be staying on top of this story as it develops, and will be posting updates on Twitter @lfrnews until noon on Saturday April 1st.