25 Apr 2024

UK Graphic Awards issue update & message of encouragement

UK Graphic Awards organisers issue update & message of encouragement.

Organisers of the inaugural UK Graphic Awards, scheduled to take place on Tuesday 15th September, have issued a statement filled with positivity and encouragement for the UK graphics industry, whilst encouraging those with some downtime to use it in a positive and productive way whilst bringing their teams together - virtually, of course!

Speaking from home office, Dan Tyler, Managing Director of Vism, who are organising the event with FESPA UK Association, gave a frank but optimistic message.

He said “In what is without doubt one of the most testing times this industry has ever seen, we’ve all spent the last few weeks adjusting to the ‘new normal’. Across the sector, we’re seeing a shift from panic to positivity in recent days though, as people have gotten to work on some of the business improvement, marketing, and other projects they’d been meaning to look at for some time”

“As a result we’ve had a high number of enquiries over the last few days, asking us whether the plans have changed for our September event at all, and how people can enter.”

“The whole point of this event was always to bring the large format print community together to share experiences, celebrate the best and most creative work produced by our peers, network and enjoy each other’s company. Now more than ever, the team at FESPA UK and I all feel that this is going to be absolutely essential.”

“When this is all over - and it will all be over - given that we’re now the only event in the 2020 calendar dedicated to the UK graphics industry, we believe we have a responsibility to press on and bring everyone together, so that’s exactly what we’ll do”

“We’re open for entries. Judging will take place in July. If we have to do it remotely we’ll do it remotely. Entry is completely free and we’ve decided to open it up so people can enter as many categories as they want.”

“For now, the event will go ahead as planned on 15th September. That’s a long way away yet. If in June or July we look at things and that’s not possible, then we’ll postpone, but be in no doubt, this event will go ahead, and it will be the party the industry will be craving!”

Carol Swift, Managing Director at FESPA UK, echoed Dan’s positivity. She added “We’re very fortunate, thanks to the huge amount of hard work and energy invested so far by the whole team, to have a fantastic lineup of sponsors and partners already committed to the event. Thanks to them, we’re in a strong position and we can carry on in the confidence that everything is in place for a truly brilliant celebration of all that is great in our industry.”

Dan concluded “This is a challenging period for all of us, there’s no doubt about that, but wherever you can, I encourage you to use this time in a positive way and look forward to the future. Look back at the projects you’ve completed over the past 9 months, find the very best, get on to our website and submit them.”

“Get the whole team involved. Jump on video calls and use this opportunity to reflect as a team on all the fantastic work you all do, and will get back to doing soon enough. Good luck, and see you on the dancefloor!”

The 2020 UK Graphic Awards and their Thrive in Print conference, will take place on Tuesday 15th September at Oulton Hall in Leeds. Confirmed sponsors include HP, Swanline Group, AGFA, Installation Squad, RA Smart, Amari, RMC and newly confirmed marketing partners Halston Marketing.

To find out more about the UK Graphic Awards, including details of categories and how to enter for free, go to ukgraphicawards.com