Vista Systems hails Sign & Digital UK a success

Vista system signuk LFR

Vista System International recently participated at the Sign & Digital UK show and has hailed the event a success.

Invitations were sent to more than 300 Vista System Ltd. UK clients, yet the company says nothing prepared them for the huge amount of attendees who showed interested in Vista System lines.  More than 1000 people visited the booth, 500 giveaways were handed to signage companies’ representatives and more than 300 companies in signage and wayfinding fileds registered to Vista System mailing list.

Vista System showcased its various wayfinding signage solutions: Vista System Modular Curved Frame Technology; Vista Green – the relatively new flat modular signage system; Vista BH - Brochure Trays with a twist; Vista Light – illuminated signs and pylons; Vista Expand – the amazing new large signage system. In addition to that, Vista System new catalogue including additional, new signage systems, made its debut during that show.  

As a result of the show, Vista System Ltd. says it is busier than ever with new clients asking for quotes, orders, information about the versatile wayfinding solutions available