World-first live multi-vendor demo at FESPA Americas

Sophie Matthews Paul

At the FESPA Americas show, taking place next month (February 24-26, 2011), visitors will have the opportunity to participate in a multitude of engaging on-floor features, including the groundbreaking, world-first: Wide Format Print Show Live!, which sees key global brands: EFI, HP, Roland, Caldera and EskoArtwork; working together to create a unique attraction.

A brand-new feature from FESPA, being introduced for the first time at FESPA Americas, Wide Format Print Shop Live! reflects the educational intentions and innovative format of the wider event. Designed to inform and inspire participants with the latest digital inkjet technologies, software and consumables, visitors will experience a real-life, real-time end-to-end production environment.

In order to provide visitors with a meaningful appreciation of the production characteristics of the technologies on display, participants are invited to bring job files that can be printed live on the show floor. This will demonstrate the wide ranging qualities of output that can be achieved on a variety of substrates, and across multiple output engines from some of the industry’s leading manufacturers. As a result, Print Shop Live! offers a unique opportunity for commercial printers looking to discover how wide format print can enhance their businesses.

Hosting the event are Mike Horsten and Sophie Matthews-Paul. Horsten is a consultant on green and sustainable growth ideas, while Matthews-Paul is an independent international consultant, specialising in the wide-format digital print market. She comments: “FESPA Americas is unlike traditional print shows, where you rarely see demonstrated all the different technologies, software and workflow solutions in one place. Like FESPA, I believe that the best way to learn and be inspired is by seeing the technology in action, so I am extremely excited to be involved in this innovative feature.”

Alongside Wide Format Print Shop Live!, the FESPA Americas programme also includes the Global Business Forum, Screen Masters Workshop, Digital Textile Conference and the American stage of the Wrap Cup Masters Series.

Marcus Timson, sales and marketing director, FESPA, comments on the show’s action-packed schedule, “Print Shop Live! is just one of the many exciting features taking place on the show floor at FESPA Americas, each of which offers unique points of interest for visitors to the event. Wide Format Print Shop Live! in particular, is an opportunity for printers to be involved with the technology in a way that can’t be experienced anywhere else, and for commercial printers looking to ‘Go Wide’ to discover how these technologies can enhance their business.”

If you are an owner, director or production manager and are interested in experiencing and testing the technologies in the Wide Format Print Shop Live! area, please register at