Xaar joins FESPA as Global Technology Partner

Fespa Digital 2012

FESPA is proud to announce Xaar as its Global Technology Partner for the 4th consecutive year.  Xaar is the world’s leading independent supplier of industrial inkjet printheads and as FESPA Global Technology Partner, is strongly involved in FESPA’s digital strategy and technology debates and seminars. Through their partnership, FESPA and Xaar explore market trends and developments in inkjet innovation and work together to educate visitors and exhibitors about the significant potential of inkjet technology.

As part of the agreement, Xaar will support FESPA's global events, including the FESPA Mexico Workshops 2012 (May-Aug 2012), FESPA India Masters 2012 (Autumn 2012) and FESPA London 2013 (25-29 June 2013).

FESPA Managing Director Neil Felton said, “Our successful partnership with Xaar has been invaluable in helping FESPA to provide our national associations and their members with access to new ideas, guidance and in-depthinkjet market knowledge.

“FESPA has a strong commitment to develop and sustain a community of printers who are educated, informed and well equipped for a positive future. Bringing together groups and individuals in the screen and digital printing community is important to us, so it is vital that we have the strongest possible links with leading edge technology developers, like Xaar, the acknowledged market experts.”

Mark Alexander, Director of Marketing, Xaar said, “Our partnership with FESPA demonstrates our strong commitment to inkjet innovation and education, and allows us first hand feedback from a diverse group of printers. Xaar and FESPA are both dedicated to promoting the considerable potential of inkjet technology to graphics businesses around the world.”

For more information about FESPA or to pre-register for FESPA Digital 2012 visit www.fespa.com/digital